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IPhone Backup How To Avoid Running Out of Memory On Any Kids Smart Phones

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There is nothing worse than being on a trip and running out of room to save video or pictures or not having a memory maker. We use our iPhones for a lot of pictures and video and our Android tablet for videos and app. With our high use and the kids using the tablet, both devices get full of data. Our iPhone even has the biggest memory available.


Picture Keeper Connect is a neat little USB style of device that lets us back up our devices easily and on the go. It  can be used on multiple devices. When I got my daughters their own phones, we got phones with lower memory to save on money. Sometimes I regret it because they run out of space. While it’s not that big of a deal, they like to take pictures and play with those picture making apps. The PK Connect lets me know that even with our kids lower memory phones, they will not be totally out of luck while on the road.


The Picture Keeper Connect is similar to a typical USB drive but has a lightening connector that are used in current iPhone and iPad models. Also provided is a converter cable for use as MicroUSB for Android devices.


Smartphone Memory Maker Anywhere, Anytime

The PK Connect is easy to keep in a pocket, purse, car, camera bag, even a wallet if needed. Its small profile and ability to plug right into my iPhone 6s when my memory is full makes it a must have for our family of iPhone users. We all take pictures, and our daughters iPhones are the smaller memory models and rely on our PK Connect.

picture keeper iphone backup device

Using my PK Connect makes it even easier to transfer pictures to my computers. Before I would have to either try Bluetooth or use a USB cable. I have an iMac that I could try to connect wirelessly, but the real problem I have is transfer rate. Wireless transfer of huge images and video take a long time and plus I have to get the devices to sync up, open folders, transfers.

Now I can just hook the Picture Keeper to my phone or use the adapter as a Micro USB drive for Android smartphones and tablets. Using the Picture Keeper app, I then can easily make iphone backup needs simple. Saving every image and video I have. I can backup from multiple devices as long as I have space on my Picture Keeper. Plug in, open the app, and select backup.


Next, I insert the PK Connect USB side into my PC or Mac. I can use the software or access the USB drive. Backups are separated by phone user, then by app. Each user’s videos and photos are broken down into folders by which app created them.


There is software to install or I can open the USB device folder in File Explorer to get my pictures. The Picture Keeper Connect is a iphone backup and memory maker. It is an easy way to increase any phones storage for pictures, movies, apps, and music. Picture Keeper makes it easy to create new space for new pictures and avoid missing out on moments I want to capture.

Long the days of worrying about being somewhere and actually running out of memory right when I really want to save something for a later memory. I buy larger memory phones because I have in the past ran out of space at the wrong time. Now I never have to worry about this problem again.

Have You Ever Run Out Of Space At The Wrong Moment?

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We partnered with picture Keeper to share this useful device that we use for our iPhones. Experience is from our actual use.


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  1. Janet W. on September 10, 2016 at 4:16 am

    Running out of memory happens to me all the time, especially while on vacation and then I can’t upload pictures to my computer yet.