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Handmade Teddy Bears & Animal Pals – Great Gift, Even Greater Cause

My daughters love handmade teddy bears. Even more they love all stuffed animals, characters, anything that can be soft, fluffy, and fun to use as a pillow. My daughters have a stuffed animal collection because there are just so many unique stuffed bears and animals to enjoy. Even great for memorabilia from visits to special places, occasions or helping programs such as Bears for Humanity.

Bears for Humanity Animal Pals (2)

Bears for Humanity is a company with a cause located in Northern California. They creates handmade stuffed teddy bears and now Animal Pals. There are a few things that make Bears for Humanity special, with the most important ones being they provide jobs here locally in California, and also give one bear to a child in need for every purchase. All animals are made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Hemp. Bears for Humanity works with socially conscious manufacturers in China for the shells. All stuffing, assembly, details, sewing are done here in America.

What I thought is even more unique than just the Buy One Give One program is the fact the handmade teddy bears are built here in the USA. Bears for Humanity provide jobs for individuals through California’s welfare-to-work program, helping at-risk mothers, fathers, and care-givers. Not only do people who need some help with employment get employment, but they also learn a valuable skill and trade.


The story for Bears for Humanity is a classic story of hard work and ultimate success for a community and many kids in need. I know how much my kids love their stuffed animals. I have also seen children who do not have a lot of toys, how much they light up when they get a new toy or stuffed animal.

Bears for Humanity Animal Pals (1)

Looking for a handmade teddy bear or hand crafted stuffed animal, check out Bears for Humanity and support several causes. Helping at-risk mothers help themselves and get a bear and give a bear, Buy One Give One. These make a great gift for kids in need always, but also for celebrations like going back to school, birthdays, get-well, toy drives, so many ways.

More information:

  • Built in the US through Welfare-to-Work programs
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Buy One, Give One

FREE shipping coupon code: FREESHIPPING4MOM which is valid through the end of August for online purchases.

Check out Bears for Humanity for their handmade teddy bears and their new line of Animal Pals!

Do You Have A Special Stuffed Animal Story?

We partnered with Bears for Humanity to share this great cause and cute stuffed animals.