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Frontier of Southern California’s Back to Reality Sweepstakes

We have partnered with Frontier of Southern California to share their Back to Reality Sweepstakes.

Check out the Frontier of Southern California’s Back to Reality Sweepstakes. It is going on now through Thursday, August 31st, just in time for back-to-school.

Enter Frontier’s Back To Reality Sweepstakes by clicking any link on this page.

Frontier of Southern Californias Back to Reality Sweepstakes

Enter now through August 16-31 for a chance to win a backpack that will include:

  •    $200 gift card for that last chance of fun at any amusement park
  •    $150 gift card for awesome school clothes and supplies from your favorite stores
  •    $50 gift card for snacks and ice cream anywhere!
  •    Great DVDs to watch at the dorm or home

We are the kind of family that watches Frontier Cable. I know many people think its easy to cut the cord and use streaming services, but lets not forget one still needs internet, fast internet. With Frontier we have cable, home phone, and our TV programming under one easy bill we have super fast 150mb internet, hundred and hundres of channels, plus on-demand and with FiOS TV I can watch a lot of programming from my smartphone anywhere on-the-go great for waiting to pick the kids after school or activities.

frontier cable on HDTV

We have thought about maybe managing our cable bill down to simple channels, but its not really worth it. We like having every channel, HD programming, and On-Demand. Our kids get to watch their favorite shows and cartoons and we get all our news and even shows we just can’t give up right now. After long days of work, kids, and everything else, we love to just sit down at the end of the day and watch some good old fashioned Television, not devices.header_logo

With the end of summer approaching and school for all ages starting back up, its time to get prepared. Check out the Frontier of Southern California’s Back to Reality Sweepstakes enter to win and remember to relax when the tough gets going. With super fast FiOS internet, all the channels on-demand at my fingertips, and reliable phone service we keep our stress down by enjoying some good old fashioned entertainment.