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Tea Crystals – Helping My Diet with On-The-Go Pique Tea

This is a partnered post to share the easy and on-the-go to make tea with Pique Tea crystals.

After having 3 kids, its easy to say that weight has caught up with me. I know I am not the only one and its all too exhausting after a long day of dealing with kids and everything they do. And many of us have work on top of all that. So we have to be aware of this and makes efforts that are easier said than done.

diet tea salad fruit

One of my biggest is being more on top of what I need to do to lose the weight I want. I used to run primarily to keep on gaining weight to help with weight loss, but now with the heat of living in Southern California hitting me, the gym seems like a better option. I have also chosen a more vegetarian based diet and when I want something other than water, my go to drink is tea.

I started off with having my tea sweetened, now my oldest daughter likes tea sweetened. While I kept the sugar down, I have fully cut it out completely. There are many benefits to keep the sugar out of drinks and some of the most important to me is taste and calories.

PIQUE tea crystals organic tea sample

Pique Tea crystals are an easy way to keep my tea with me and make on-the-go. $3 cups of tea get spendy and having to take the time to boil tea is what drove me to buy tea from the store. Plus, with these hots days, boiling water for tea bags can create the extra heat we don’t need.pique tea

Pique Tea use 100% natural and organic premium tea leaves that are brewed then crystalized to dissolve instantly in hot or cold water. Pique tea crystals have twice the number of antioxidants of many tea bags. Tea also offers caffeine and catechins that combine to create a time released effect. Not the rush one gets with coffee and its caffeine with cortisol spikes. Cortisol is a stress and fat storage hormone.

PIQUE tea crystals packet

When I was young and met my husband, before 3 kids was weighed less than I do now. And throughout the years and now being in my 30’s, I have made some choices with diet that I regret. I have in the last year really focused more on changing my diet with exercise and not just exercise alone. It not been easy but I am moving in the right direction.

I do not use the diet programs, but more focus on natural weightless. My biggest changes have come with diet and gym consistency. With 3 kids, I am busy all day, but also spend a lot of time on my computer for work. I like to keep water and tea around for my hydration needs, and have cut out meat from food. Coffee is just a little to much for me these days, and tea helps me with a little bit of pickup and something more flavorful than water.

PIQUE tea crystals mixed with water

Pique tea crystals are super easy to make anywhere, anytime. With slim profile packaging I keep packets in the car for use on the road, after the gym, even at the beach. I usually carry my own reusable bottles of water with us, so Pique Tea is great for travel. Just pour into any cup or bottle for a cup or bottle of tea.

PIQUE tea on the go

The Pique tea crystal collection includes:

  • Sencha Organic Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Organic Black Tea
  • Mint Sencha Organic Green Tea
  • Jasmine Organic Green Tea
  • English Breakfast Organic Black Tea


  1. Janet W. on September 22, 2016 at 5:44 am

    This sounds nice!! I’d love to try the Mint Sencha Organic Green Tea!

  2. Julie Wood on September 11, 2016 at 5:55 am

    This tea sounds very healthy and easy to use. I am like you, I do not like sugar in my drinks. Not healthy and their is way to much sugar in our foods, so I would drink this without sugar.