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Keeping Our Bruno Healthy & Happy With PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Treats

DENTAStix Snackfood for dogs (1)

Taking care of our large and long haired German Shepherd Bruno is a task, especially keeping on top of his oral care and avoid dog bad breath. He is a very healthy and large dog, so it is vital we take care of him like any family member. It starts in my opinion with his diet and large dog oral care treat.

DENTAStix chew snack

It’s important to keep dogs on a proper diet, otherwise many foods that are ok for human can cause bad dog breath and teeth issues. No matter what dog breath can become burdensome and tiring. From sitting on the couch trying to watch TV with a huge panting mouth in my face, to parks, and trips, it can be a little overwhelming with a large dog. Oral care treats are important for large dogs.

DENTAStix keeping my dogs mouth clean

Because he is still young, he has his youthful mentality. This means not wanting to sit necessarily still, or wanting to go anywhere new. What it also means is dog bad breath. Dog bad breath from a large dog creates not only smell but lots of hot air. So its important not only at home but in the car he have nice breath.

DENTAStix Snackfood for dogs

Giving Bruno PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Treats is fun for him because he gets something to chew on and we get cleaner teeth and rid of dog breath. These large dog oral care treats helps clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce tartar buildup. As he chews the DENTASTIX™ Treats the chewy texture helps clean down to the gum line and removing plaque for healthier gums.

DENTAStix chew snack for dogs clean teeth

I know the benefits because not only does he love to chew them, his teeth looking whiter and his breath just hot air now. Dog breath isn’t about bad smell, its about hot musty smell. DENTASTIX™ Treats took care of caring for that job.

Now for those car trips, his breath is bearable meaning we can all enjoy the trip a little more. No more angry kids complaining about hot dog breath.

large german shepherd in car (1)

Some tips I would recommend to consider before any car travel with a dog:


Our dogs are always a aprt of our family so we really recommend to just keep your pup and his attention with talking or petting. Our dog likes to howl so that is something easy to get his attention

With the hot weather we have a road trip with the family crammed into our car plus dog bad breath can really make a trip long. Even better now I can lay on the couch and watch some TV without being completely bothered when he comes up panting in my face.

DENTAStix For Dogs Cleans Teeth Freshens Breath reduce plaque

How Do You Deal With Your Family’s Dog Breath?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.