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3 Simple Tips For Keeping A Family Budget

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mia in kitchen babyNo one told me that going from two to three children would be such a drastic change and while we love our third we have had to make a lot of changes. Like keeping a family budget, you totally splurge on your first baby buying plenty of unnecessary things and by your third you’re just thankful for a clean diaper and some hand me downs. Keeping a budget as a family is important and there’s some things we’ve learned along the ways. 3 Simple Tips For Keeping A Family Budget

3 Simple Tips For Keeping A Family Budget

  1. Plan Your Meals Ahead – One of the biggest waste of money for families are meals. Eating out can add thousands of extra dollars to your family budget over the course of the year. Plan ahead, make a list and stick to it. You’ll not only reduce waste but you’ll eat heartier and stay on budget.
  2. Be Earth Smart – Think about the waste in your life and how you can reduce and reuse the things around you. Install low-water toilets and shower heads, replace light bulbs and stay committed to turning off and reducing whoever you can. You’ll find that you not only save money but you’re also helping the planet.
  3. Shop Sales & Known Brands – One of the best ways to stay on budget is to shop sales, look for extra store coupons and savings with digital apps. Also buy the brands you know and trust, great quality brands like Luvs Diapers save you money while not sacrificing quality.

luvs family plannerOne of the best ways to stay on budget is to plan ahead, Keeping a family planner is a simple and fun idea. Baby-Essentials-Newborn-NurseryIt’s true Luvs is our diaper of choice. You will never sacrifice quality and you’ll get the leak free protection your little one needs. You’ll also stay within budget because Luvs are great quality for a great price too. Which means that I’m worrying about my little ones diaper and my budget less and we can spend more time making memories. That’s the thing about having my third baby, I just want to cherish every last moment with her and anything that gives me more meaningful moments with her I’m all for! mia ice cream

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What are your best tips for sticking to your family budget?