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Three Birthday’s in Three Weeks

brooklin 7th birthdayWe just got done with what I like to call the marathon of birthday’s. With all three of our girls celebrating their birthday’s within three weeks of one another it sure went by super fast!

kaila birthdayWe started with Kaila’s birthday, she planned her own party and her friends had a sleepover. They all slept in the tent and watched movies and played video games on the projector. There was even 1 boy at the party, a first and a sign of the years to come. Can not believe she is 11, I look at her 11 years later so proud of her. She still has that same tiny nose I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on her too.

She’s so responsible now, going into middle school in AP classes. She even set up and decorated, planned the food and even her own cake for her party. kaila's birthday

In June we start the month celebrating Mia’s birthday. We were in San Diego right before and just had such a great time seeing the city. mia and broooklin girls

Mia’s actual birthday just so happened I had a video shoot on that day. We spoiled her with all the new Baby Alive stuff and was content with the brownie her sister made for her cake. She’s just growing into such a sweet little person, she loves gymnastics and I see her really starting to become her own person. She’s totally a Daddy’s girl and spends a lot of time helping Daddy and spending time with him. I love this age, before Kindergarten, before school. I just want to soak in every moment with her this year. mia and brooklin san diegoThat middle child always swears she gets the short end of the stick but her birthday being last isn’t such a bad thing. She got to party it up with all her friends at Mulligan’s. We rented a cabana and the kids got food and arcade time. It was all really fun and such a memorable and fun party for her. She’s seven! I loved seven with Kaila, they learn so much, they lose all their teeth. I’m excited to see where the next year takes Brooklin.

Brooklin and Mia are best friends, they duo everything together. I’m so glad they’re so close and that they like playing together, sure they fight like most sisters but they really do play well. Mia just looks up to her so much and I hope one day she sees that and they will have a special bond I’m sure because of it. brooklin 7th birthday

So we made it, another year, another marathon of birthdays. I know that the days are long but the years are short so I’m just trying to soak in every moment as my girls grow up right before me. The older they get, the faster it goes.