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How Helpful Is Modern Car Safety Technology?

This is a partnered post to share MyCarDoesWhat.org resource and more about modern car safety technology. All opinions and experiences are our own.

Car safety is so important to a family with small children. We rely on our cars for so many uses living where we do. Even our children’s school do not use bus systems requiring us to drive or walk them to school.

We live in the suburbs and to even get to a store we have to drive. So to us it’s important to have a reliable and newer car. We recently purchased up last year for several reasons. Not only do newer cars have more power, but they also have so many new features that add to safety and convenience.


Safety Features in the last year however have come even further. Many newer cars use backup cameras and warning sensors to help drivers out. Find out more about modern car safety features and technology at MyCarDoesWhat.org.


While newer cars may come equipped with different options,such as anti-lock braking, stability control, tire pressure monitoring system, and other advanced upgrades and options While many features may not avoid all dangers, they do a lot to keep us drivers aware and informed. I have to say my favorite upgrades are my backup camera and rear collision sensors. No longer do I have to worry about hitting someone or something, but I can safely move around knowing what is behind me.

Check out Dashboard Blitz game and the Icon Personality Quiz for kids ages 4+ about car technology. In Dashboard Blitz let your little learners run the worlds most advance expo hall. Attendees will get to try simulators using the latest in car safety technology such as sensors and cameras. Find out more about the game by visiting MyCarDoesWhat.org/games.


Do you have any modern favorite car safety features that you think improve safety for you and your friends and loved ones? Please share your favorites using #MyCarDoesWhat4Me!