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Letting Their Imaginations Run Free With LEGO® Classic Building Blocks

Playing with LEGO® building blocks are so beneficial to small children. I remember as an elementary aged child playing LEGOs all night into the early morning. We would build houses, cars, stores, and for some reason bars with some interesting characters. But it was fun and my best friend and I would just build and play.

4 and 11 year old with LEGO set

What I remember being so awesome about building LEGO structures and whatever we could image helped me imagine using my own thoughts and ideas. It was a fun world to put ideas to the test like the bigger the structure the bigger the catastrophe. I also learned how to create schematics of homes, and how to construct vehicles.

Now I am all grown up and have 3 daughters of my own. While they are not into staying up until early morning to play with LEGO sets, they do have fun building things. With their other LEGO sets, they love to build free structures, playful cars, zoos, animals, and anything they think of. I will say they enjoy building whatever they want over following the instructions to build a set. The great thing about LEGO sets are the pieces can be used for anything creative but can always be built as the original set with instruction manuals.

kids playing with LEGO Classic

We got a LEGO Classic set recently to start our youngest daughter Mia’s first LEGO set. This fun set includes a large LEGO brick shaped storage container and 484 pieces for all her creative ideas. The classic mix of LEGO bricks was created for anyone aged 4-99 and above. With Mia finally 4 she loves to do everything her sisters do and she has a real creative drive.

LEGO Classic Set creative play

The LEGO Classic set is available in 10 different choices, priced from $16.99 to $59.99. This is a great gift idea for kids going back to school, the holidays, or to start your child’s own creativity set. The sets come with all sorts of pieces in all kinds of shape making it easy to create houses, animals, and cars. Check out these fun building ideas and more inspiration by clicking here.

LEGO Classic Set (6)

For interactive inspiration check out these ‘Pro Tips’ from LEGO Master Builders and the Upright Citizens Brigade Experts. LEGOs are great for building but the Upright Citizens Brigade shows another way to have fun with LEGO and the family with improv at home. Check out this YouTube video of the world-renowned improv group, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and their video on “out of the box thinking.” Let them encourage your kids, or parents and the whole family to “not think” and let those creative juices flow.

Our 4-year-old uses pro tip: “Build your world” and created what she wanted. After some serious building and even deeper thinking she settled for this awesome building and cute alligator. She did a great job and made it even more fun by including her 11-year-old sister.

4 year old with her LEGO alligator

Check out LEGO for more about their sets, fun ideas, and more.

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