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Dannon’s Step Towards Transparency & Non-GMO Labeling

This post contains content sponsored by The Dannon Company, Inc. The opinions expressed in my post are my own. For more information on Dannon’s move toward sustainable agriculture, transparency, and non-­gmo ingredients visit www.dannonpledge.com and www.dannon.com/ingredients  –  #KnowYourYogurt

Dannon Low Fat Smoothie

One thing our family loves is yogurt, we buy and eat a lot of it! One of our favorite things to do in the morning is to make fruit smoothies and we like to have quality yogurt to go with it. Yogurt is a great way to create a great tasting and nutritious and filling smoothie and they’re such a great way to start the day.

But what is even more important that a healthy way to start the day, is by also starting with the best in ingredients. The Dannon Pledge was create to provide the best ingredients possible. The pledge is about empowering the consumer with information and more natural ingredients. Most Dannon Whole Milk Yogurt and Dannon Oikos 0% fat yogurts are made with non-gmo ingredients and proper labeling to let me know starting July 2016.

Dannon has plans to release many more to come over the next 2 years of the best flavors we all enjoy.  Find out more about Dannon ingredients by visiting www.Dannon.com/ingredients. #KnowYourYogurt and check out Dannon and their pledge to you.

It good to know what is in our foods. Making a fruit smoothie lets us know. By using frozen strawberries, banana, ice, and Dannon yogurt, I know what I am creating and eating.

Dannon Low Fat Yogurt Smoothie

While I enjoy my smoothies each morning I never stopped to think about what was really in my yogurt. When it comes to my family, making sure they are happy and healthy always comes first.  It’s important that not only are my kids eating right and staying active but it matters what I am putting into our bodies.

That’s why we are thrilled about Dannon’s new commitment to transparency and leveling of GMO’s in their products moving forward. By the end of 2017 all of their products including Dannon Danimals which just so happens to be my kiddos favorite!

What I am excited about is that Dannon is going all the way to the source. They are watching what dairy farms they use to make sure their dairy is up to their standards. Dannons commitment to labeling their products as Non-GMO is part of the trend of informing consumers of what they are eating. I appreciate them moving forward with recreating their products to fit demand and needs. Dannon, Oikos and Danimals will all become GMO free by 2017.

Dannon Campaign Image

I hope to teach our girls to treat our planet with love and respect and to keep their bodies healthy and active. It’s just important to me that our girls grow up in a world that is better than the one I grew up in and we appreciate Dannon for making this step and evolving with us. By Dannon knowing where their milk comes from lets them keep better quality control over their product demands. Dannon is also using farms that are Validus Certified, meaning they practice human animal welfare practices.