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Prevent Summer Boredom – Free Game For Kids

We live in a very hot climate so when it’s summer and extremely hot outside, we do spend some days inside. The one thing I don’t want to hear is our girls tell us that they’re bored this summer so we’re keeping plenty of fun things to do around for them. Our kids enjoy playing games, my husband was always into games so they enjoy playing with him as well. We are happy to partner with Poki on this post, all opinions are our own. 

Poki Online Games for free kids (2)

The games are fun and there are characters that your kids know. These are games they want to play and our girls had a fun time playing all the different games. It’s also free and I never have to worry about the content on Poki. Even better there are games with characters from Disney, Barbie, and they’re easy to play for my youngest kiddo and for my oldest they have harder games too. My kids were excited to play on Poki.com because they found many games they played in school.

Poki Online Games for free kids (1)

There are literally hundreds of different games that kids can play and there’s even some great ones that adults will like too. It’s a great site to just keep kids entertained this summer. In our house I allow my kids to work for a little computer time, and then we limit the time that they play. It allows them to create healthy habits with devices and still allows them to still have a little fun.



If you’re looking for a fun place to let your kids play let them try out Poki.  You can start playing today at Poki.com.

What’s an easy way to keep your kids entertained this summer? 




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