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My Visit With Sam’s Club Free Health Screening

This was a partnered post sharing Sam’s Club free health Screening that was available 6/11/2016. I was provided with a Sam’s Club gift card for sharing and visiting.

Recently Sam’s Club offered a free health screening for all the public at all their Sam’s Club locations with a pharmacy. This free testing was great for people who don’t have the time, insurance, or just avoid the docs office but are curious of their health. Keep an eye out for programs like free health screenings provided at Sam’s Clubs or other locations.

The June 11th, 2016 Free Health Screening provided testing for Glucose levels, Total Cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), risk ration, blood pressure, body fat percentage, vision & hearing testing/screening. What makes these simple tests important are they provide an overall view on your health. While it’s not a full physical by any means, I was able to find out that my cholesterol and blood pressure where normal which I have been wondering about.

sams club healh screening

I am the kind of guy who avoids the doctor’s office unless its required, but with my hitting my mid-30s, have been wondering how my health is concerning fat and cholesterol. I can say I am relieved now and with how easy it all was, I will be more regular with health checkups and such. The problem many times is we avoid making smarter decisions until problems arise. With our health, it’s nothing to put off.

As we get older, or more of as we age, our bodies don’t keep up with our ambitions always. When I was 20 and young with kids, I was not the best with diet and still enjoy sweets and fatty foods more than I want. While I have cut back, I had been worried about what possibly my health was like from bad choices. What I do find is that my body really runs on what its fed. I used to be able to eat anything and function the whole day, now I need veggies and fruits for energy but I can still keep up with all 3 of them for the whole day!

dad at beach with kids

Its important to not push it, but stay active. If you know someone who has been avoiding the doctor or talking about health, take it serious. With soaring health care costs, and our generations living longer, we need to take care of ourselves. Insurance is great, but there still is the effects of poor health on the individual and keeping track of our health and making informed decisions will benefit everyone, especially our children.

Information is one of the most important ways and thanks to Sam’s Club free health screening I was able to get the simple information I need. It was a completely free service available to the whole public including non-members.