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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sport-Y-Thon on DVD – Includes Real Golden Mickey Medal

We were provide with a DVD to share the new movie and medal it includes!

My daughters are huge Disney fans. While we have influence, it’s not hard to be a fan of Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse pals. Our youngest loves to play along with their challenges and is always a fun hit with her.

mickeys sport-y-thon dvd

The club is back in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport-y-thon available now. Includes 6 episodes with more than 2 hours of the classic Disney characters having fun while competing in an action packed sports tournament. Throughout the fun, they teach and learn about teamwork create better relationships and allowing them to work and play together.

Donald Duck and Pete are the event sportscasters reporting high above in their Sport-y-Thon Blimp. The referee is no one else than Goofy. And competing for the Golden Mickey Medal is the entire Clubhouse crew. With all sorts of sports being competed in, there is fun for all athletes!

Packaging – 1-Disc DVD with exclusive FREE Golden Mickey Medal

mickeys sport-y-thon dvd gold medal included

Ratings – TV-Young (US)

Languages – English, French & Spanish

Episodes Include:                               

  • Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon
  • Mickey’s Mousekeball!
  • Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse
  • Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventure
  • Mickey’s Mystery!
  • Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday

Mia especially loved the included and FREE Exclusive Golden Mickey Medal. She really felt like a WINNER!

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Great way to start the summer with enthusiasm about being outdoors and active. Plus, games with friends and family is always fun and one of the funnest ways to stay in shape.

What are some of your family favorite games to play outdoors?