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Laundry Care – Protecting the Things You Love With Downy

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.
brooklin in a blanketOn her birthday our now 7 year old got the cutest mermaid tail blanket form her friend. It’s one of her favorite gifts and ever since she got it she’s slept with it every night. When you find something you really love you want to take care of it. I know the same thing goes for my favorite clothing pieces, I just want to take care of them the best that I can so they can continue looking great and helping me feel great too!

Did you know that during the machine wash your clothes can be beat up and even torn? Downy is a product that lubricates your clothing, allow it to stay protected. Downy protects clothes and instead of losing their shape, clothes bounce back to their store-bought form. Also using Downy colors stay bright and vibrant and resist fading. downy fabric softener

Take fabric protection a step further: In addition to the protection Downy fabric conditioner offers, turning garments inside out, and washing soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle will keep your clothes looking the best.

We have been using Downy for years now and I have to say my sheets always feel better after being washed with Downy and I know I want to protect all of our clothes, especially the favorite blanket and even the ratty old t-shirt that’s on it last leg. Using Downy does protect your clothes and it leaves them looking and smelling great too!

My kids always say their favorite thing after a bath at night is a warm towel from the dryer. Protect your towels too with Downy, and they will stay snuggly soft! You can find Downy products at your local Walmart store.

I want to know how you #ProtectClothesYouLove?