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Fun Summer Reading – Golden Boy Bailey

We are happy to partner with Golden Boy Bailey on this post, all opinions are our own. Girl and her dog

We have a big family for being such a little family. With us, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and now some sea monkeys, we have a full house. But to use our dogs are more than just pets, they make us a family of 7. We love our dogs and always want them to be happy.

While our kids love to play with Bruno and Marley, its not always easy during these hot summer months. So with 100 degree days here we have to find activities for them all to do in the nice cool house. While it may be easy to put on television or a movie, we like them to do things that are hands on or that keep them learning, both being the best choice!

Baby Reading Dog Book

We like to push our kids to read. Its good for our 11 year old to read aloud to her little sisters because it helps with public speaking and developing clear speck habits. Also for our our 6 year old, she gets to learn new words and have stories explained to her. And our 4 year old just loves anything her big sisters do, so when she sees them reading together, she learns to love books.

Golden Boy Bailey

It is not always easy to find subjects and titles that interest them. While they love their favotie characters on TV, they prefer new stories, new characters, and new adventures. Golden Boy Bailey is a kid friendly book about the adventures of a golden retriever named Bailey and his pals. Reading can be really hands on when trying to read to a toddler and dogs.

Golden Boy Bailey inside look at book


This story was just perfect for our kids and our girls had fun reading along on Bailey’s adventures.

Golden Boy Bailey (5)

You can get your own copy of the Golden Boy Bailey book on Amazon today. It’s the perfect summer read to sit down with your entire family and read.

What’s one fun way you encourage your kids to read?