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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Baby Products

There are so many baby items and baby stores that choosing the right products can be a daunting task.  For mommies and daddies-to-be who are shopping for the first time, here are a few tips to help you choose the best baby products to put in your cart.


Bath times

  • Baby bathtubs designed as molded pieces of plastic that allow you to provide bath support for your baby are ideal. Your bathing frustrations are now over, as these tubs offer you the support you need while you bathe your new-born. Babies up to two years of age can use the tub. Parent Guide adds that the stoppers under the arms and legs keep your baby from slipping in the water, which is a handy safety feature to have.

Baby Products


  • Make breastfeeding a little easier by having a breastfeeding station. A glider, snap-on light along with water and burp clothes normally make up a feeding station basics. For night feedings, having a bedside sleeper is handy. You won’t have to roll off the bed and head to the nursery. Simply reach over and pull your baby to you for night feedings. When the baby’s done, you can easily nudge her back to sleep, giving you a chance to take much needed rest afterwards as well.
  • It can feel a bit frantic when your baby is crying and you’re in a mad scramble to mix up the milk. What you can do is pick up a 60-ounce pitcher and mix 30 or more ounces of the formula at once. Then store it in the fridge. The supply lasts for a day so you won’t have to go through mixing the the formula with water for every single feeding.
  • You can feed your baby with real food without any risk of choking with mesh feeders. And when your baby starts teething, you could fill them up with frozen fruit to ease the swelling, as suggested by Buzzfeed.
  • Growing babies have a tight grip. But they’re not always as good at holding things steady. By getting a bottle holder, you make it easier for your baby to start being independent by holding their own bottle while they feed. Also, keep in mind to have at least six or more cotton bibs ready so you’ll always have one on hand if and when you need it.



  • Sterilizing breast pump parts along with bottles and nipples can be a chore. An easier way is to rinse the items and put them into microwavable bags. When the bags are full, load them up onto your microwave and start sterilizing.
  • Choose an electric breast pump if you plan to pump daily. If not, a hand pump works great too.
  • Have a nipple cream handy during the first couple of weeks. This can ease the soreness of breastfeeding. Taking warm showers helps release the milk too.



  • Wear a moby wrap. It’s sort of a fabric hanger that lets you carry your baby close to your body, leaving your hands free to carry all the baby stuff you need.
  • Get a car seat. Make sure you’ve got a stroller as well.
  • Prepare a diaper bag with all the diapers, non-hypoallergenic wipes and spare outfits your baby needs.


Making the Best of What You Have

Given the money you’ll need to spend on baby items alone, it’s always a good idea to know how to make the best out of everything you buy. Read on for some tips on how you can pull that off:

  • Buy used baby essentials. Hand-me-down clothes are a great way to save up. Reusing shoes are also a smart idea. Secondhand coats and hats are also an easy way to add to your baby’s closet without busting the bank. You can also buy used playpens and toys. Just make sure they’re clean. The playpen should be sturdy as well.
  • Buy reliable products. Making the most of your baby items means getting more than one use for your products. For instance, by using safe baby products, you’re not just using these products to take care of your baby’s needs – you’re doing your part in looking out for your baby’s safety.
  • Recycle old baby items. You don’t even have to buy new baby items every time. You can simply recycle some items, provided they’re clean and have plenty of great years left in them.
  • Invest in quality. The sturdier the items you buy, the longer you’ll have them with you. Long-term use means you got your money’s worth.


Be mindful when you shop. Use these tips to help you make the most of every baby item you buy.