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Simple Party Ideas For Grandnational Racing Festival 2016

Our girls love horses and with Kaila taking riding lessons she’s had a lot of experience riding horses. Since it’s almost time for the Grandnational Racing Festival we’re feeling inspired to have a little party of our own. horseOur girls decided this year that they would be having a birthday party at their favorite ranch. We’re just starting to plan but I feel really inspired for the party by the Gradational Festival. With summer coming I think food can be fun and full of color. You can’t go wrong with finger foods for little hands, especially if you’re entertaining for kids. Hebrew National Beef Franks Hotdog on a stick Firecracker outdoor party ideasWe just love these red white and blue deviled eggs. They’re just perfect for summer entertaining and taste delicious too. Add simple berries to ginger ale for a fresh drink for any party. I don’t think you have to do a lot to throw a fun party and especially for the Grandnational keep it simple and have fun with friends. We can’t wait to watch! Hebrew National Beef Franks Hotdog 4th july food ideas red white blue

Get ready for the Grand Opening Day of Grandnational racing festival 2016.

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