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Why We Reevaluate Our Auto Insurance Needs Every 6 Months

I have been driving now for almost 20 years. Living in areas all my life where a car was important, I adopted using a motor vehicle for everyday use. I remember being 18 and shopping for my first newer used car, then buying my first brand new car at 20 years old. It was a huge accomplishment. Every day I worked back then was to pay for my car, insurance, and gas. Plus, any upgrades. And now I have kids, the driving hasnt stopped. We are happy to partner with Metromile on this post, all opinions are my own. 

My oldest is turning 11, and I know it may be a while away, we have begun to talk as parents about her being a new driver. With so many great cars these days, we talk about what kind of car we would get her, how much fun she will have with her friends, and of course how much our insurance rates will go up.

family-road-tripsI remember getting my first car and the insurance cost. But I also understood the importance of it, not just from a legal perspective but also from a financial one. Not just does insurance protect a driver from damages they cause, insurance will also protect my own investment. The difference from liability car insurance (covers just the other drivers cost to a limit) and comprehensive & collision (covers you and the other driver) is not only great in costs, but also protection. I have never caused an accident but know when I first started driving I had been paying for someone who may.

So it’s only natural that our insurance will go up when we add on our new 15-year-old driver later in life.

But that doesn’t mean auto insurance is not important a matter for us. With 3 cars, we are always keeping up on our auto policy to make sure we are getting the best rates, but also that our needs are protected. Watching the coverage maybe based up vehicle use, travel, and mileage can adjust rates. We like to update our mileage use every so often and look for new discounts.


Save More Money On Auto Insurance By Paying For Only How Many Miles You Really Drive

Using a company like MetroMile.com is a new way to not only look for a new, possibly cheaper rate, but to be billed and pay for the driving I actually do. Their pay-per-mile model is a new way to pay for the mileage you actually drive. By being able to track the miles you drive, Metromile only bills for those miles driven regardless of driving style or behavior.

Metromile was created for drivers who driver less than 10,000 miles with savings on average to $500 a year. This is great for those who maybe drive for personal reasons but use a carpool, or don’t drive a lot and take fun road trips on the weekend. Just pay for the miles driven.

Metromile’s unique app and OBD-II port equipped Metromile Pulse, lets me find out immediately how much I really drive. By tracking mileage, auto insurance savings can be easy and updated without guessing and calling. This makes it also easy for tax time to figure any business related costs for my vehicle.

3This is great for a driver, like a teenager. See their driving behaviors, pay for what they actually drive and not what they MAY drive. Not only can Metromile adjust my rate based upon my real world driving, I also have information on my cars vitals. I am easily informed of my driving stats, engine health, and other information and show it easily to me in my smartphone.


Metromile App features:

  • Trips & trends such as miles driven, MPG, time for trips, and speed
  • Fuel level and cost estimates
  • Car location, Metromile has even helped recover stolen cars
  • Street sweeping alerts available in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles & Chicago for now
  • Diagnoses of car’s health condition
  • Contact a mechanic

4Metromile is available in 7 states including California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois and New Jersey.

Check out Metromile or call 1-888-761-9062 for yourself or loved one and reevaluate your auto insurance needs. And find out how much money they can save you while also getting some new great vehicle features.