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New Matter is Bringing 3D Printing into the Home

3D printing is definitely the home-hack technology of the future, and New Matter is the company that will get a printer into your home. At $399, New Matter’s printer, the MOD-t, is one of the most affordable printers on the market. It’s also the most beautiful, so it doesn’t just blend into home décor. It’s a conversation piece itself!New Matter 1

The MOD-t is unique in that it works through WiFi-enabled ecosystem. This means you can select free or paid designs from New Matter’s online marketplace and send them to your printer from your computer, smartphone, or tablet as easily as you’d send an email. Press the MOD-t’s one and only button, and your designs will start printing. It’s that easy.
There are so many designs to choose from, too. From holiday decorations to storage tools to crafting supplies, the New Matter Store is full of goodies. Of course, you can always upload your own designs into your library to print. The possibilities are endless!New Matter 2Even if you’re unfamiliar with 3D design and printing, there’s a good chance your children are very familiar with it. Many schools are introducing 3D design into STEAM curriculum. What better way to spark your future scientist’s interest in 3D design than by bringing this exciting technology into the home? They can print 3D school projects at home and maybe teach you a thing or two about 3D design!New Matter 3Learn more about 3D printing and check out some awesome projects you can tackle with the MOD-t on New Matter’s blog.

You can learn more about the MOD-t and purchase one for your home here.

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  1. Andrew Baxter on March 27, 2016 at 10:25 am

    My problem with these beginner 3d printers is that they often don’t work as expected.