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Crafting & Painting With No Water & No Mess Tempera Paint Sticks

I love keeping my kids occupied with crafting, technology, and creating anything that keeps them learning. Having kids be hands on is super important not just for bonding with friends and family but also for giving kids the experience they need to develop and fine tune their motor skills. From helping outside, to cooking, and art, it is important that kids physically use their hands and feet at a young age.

Kwik Stix Home Made hand puppets

One of our favorites around our house is to free draw, paint, and create something fun. From drawing on papers, to decorating whatever they can think of, kids can create so many awesome things. I like to give them the tools and let them make what they want like they did with these paper bag. Of course big sister helped little sister, and they both had fun together learning and teaching.

Kwik Stix Non greasy paint sticks

Our kids also have some different school plays they are performing soon and we made a few props for them to use. We simply spray painted card board, created our items, cut them out, and filled in the details with Kwik Stix solid tempera paint sticks.

Kwik Stix Home Made Crafts (4)


These easy to use and bold and bright colors were not greasy and died in less than 2 minutes. My kids were able to create their fun crafts without worry about smudging and wearing off with use. No use of smelly and instantly permanent markers, all while being easy to use for small hands.

Many times I as a parent am weary of what I can give the kids to create with. But I also do not want to limit creativity in face to convenience of cleaning it up, but sometimes it is a must especially with any pastel, paints, and oil paint sticks. With the solid tempera sticks, I told them to create, do not smudge and give some minutes after drawing to let it draw leading to no mess.

Kwik Stix Home Made prop tools

Looking for something great for art and craft projects? Kwik Stix are non-toxic and a really easy way to paint with less mess. They complement our kid’s art supplies and any class room. What is really great about Kwik Stix is their easy to fill in big areas, their brightness for detail, and little to no mess.

They work easily on paper, cardboard, wood, canvas, certain painted surfaces, and I am sure many others I will find out.

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks

Check them out at www.ThePencilGrip.com for info. Also available in other pack sizes.

This was a partnered post with Kwik Stix to share our experience with using them.