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How Blogging Has Helped Guide My Own Purchases

I have been blogging since 2007, back then social networks were brand new and when I started working with brands I noticed my own purchases started to change. I started to buy the brands I had worked with, many times after trying a product I decided I liked it and wanted more. I think that blogging has given me such wonderful opportunities and I enjoy working with brands and creating content.

A few years ago Dodge supplied our family with gift cards and a new Journey to take on a road trip. Living in Oregon at the time we chose to drive down to California for a vacation. That was such a fun trip and we really got to know all the features of the Dodge Journey during that time. 2013 Dodge Journey Crew  Exterior Profile Outside Image

I bet you’re not surprised to find out that when we wanted to purchase a new car last year we went through so many different options. Then one night I told my husband “Remember that Dodge Journey we drove? It had all the features we are looking for.” Sure enough a week later he bought a brand new Dodge Journey.

The same thing happened just yesterday. See several years ago in 2012 I was invited to an event with Nissan for their new electric car the Nissan Leaf. See our kids do a lot of activities so I do a lot of driving close to home but enough that I call myself a “taxi mom”. Again a conversation with my husband turned into me purchasing an electric car. Really it again has all of the features we were looking for, less fuel, less waste, no maintence it’s the perfect little car for all my running around.  nissan leaf electric carIt’s not just big purchases either. I’ve learned a lot from working with brands and blogging. I think that bloggers are consumers too and I truly can stand with the brands I work with. I buy their products and have found myself to be a happy customer too!

Can you think of some purchases you’ve made after trying a product yourself?

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  1. Cynthia C on March 26, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Yes, I have won some products in the past that have become regular purchases. It’s nice to be able to try new things and get acquainted with them.