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Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, but also need to stick to a strict budget, we have some ideas for you. There are some clever changes you can make that are quite affordable and will breathe new life into your family’s eating space.

The following are some kitchen upgrade ideas that won’t set you back a fortune but will bring some style into your kitchen.

Replace Lighting

Don’t underestimate the impact that new lighting will make in your kitchen. Whether you have track hanging fixtures or old-school lighting that covers almost all of the kitchen’s ceiling, you can make simple changes that will brighten and liven things up. Consider an amazing pendant light or chandelier, a few recessed lights, or modern track lighting.

Grab Some Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint to kitchen cabinets or walls is an easy way to upgrade a kitchen on a budget. You can go with neutral colors like white or beige, or opt for bold hues such as turquoise, orange, and red. Simply giving your space a new color scheme can be all that’s needed to bring it up to date and up to your new standards.

Redo Cabinets

If you’re set on replacing your cabinets as part of your kitchen upgrade, there’s no need to go with a custom job if it’s not in your budget. Explore ready-made cabinetry options that will fit into your existing space and that are made with budgets in mind. You’ll likely be surprised at the amazing options you’ll find.

Add Some Fun Perks

If you can’t or don’t want to completely replace your kitchen cabinets, think about giving them an upgrade by adding pot and pan carousels, pull-out shelves, or drop-down drawers. You might also want to open up a few cabinets by removing doors, and then install glass shelves to show off fancy plates.

These are just some of the ways you can get a luxe kitchen for less. We recommend you sit down and consider what’s most important to you in an updated kitchen, and then focus on addressing these needs and wants first when you’re on a kitchen makeover budget. Head on over to PlumbTile for all your kitchen remodeling needs!

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  1. John on March 15, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Redoing cabinets is definitely a great way to update the look of an old kitchen without spending a fortune. They experience so much wear & tear from daily opening and closing, so simply replacing them and even adding a new coat of paint will give any kitchen a fresh look. Great tips!