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Living in The Moment: Why the How’s and Why’s Don’t Help Much

del and brooklinOne of the most important things in life is to live in the moment. Making plans about where you would go given a chance or the things you would do if you had the time, results in nothing but ideas getting buried under the sand just because you thought that you didn’t have the time to capitalize on those plans. Life is too short to live in the ‘How’s’ and ‘Why’s’ and wasting time in making elaborate plans for that grand trip. Ask yourself one simple question “When was the last time you just let yourself loose and just did what you have always wanted to do and go on that trip you have been holding yourself back from since forever”. Sometimes you just need to unwind and explore to make the very best of the journey called life. Exactly why taking that trip is important? Let’s find out…

Soul Searching and finding your true Inner Self

In the constant race to outdo the competition, we seldom tend to lose ourselves; that’s why it’s important to once in a while just cut yourself out from the daily grind of corporate presentations; kids who just won’t listen to you or just to escape city life for some time. Believe it or not but a trip to the mountains or the sea can work wonders for you when it comes to finding your true inner self. It cuts out the noise and gives you the time just to sit and think. I once knew a guy called Alex who would often complain about how is life has changed for the worse ever since he took up a new job in the city. With a busy schedule and tight deadlines eating into his life, the last thing he wanted was to go mad with all the stress that he was going through. He took someone’s advice, took a leave and one day just hit the road to explore the grand canyons (which he said was a lifelong dream of his). When he came back a week later, he looked energized, happy and content with himself because he had finally done something which he had always wanted to do. He had finally found the man he thought he had lost.

Humans were born to explore

Contrary to what we might believe as a part of our social conditioning and mostly in part due to a strict schedule which we must adhere to; humans have always been explorers. The reason we have been one of the most successful species on the planet is due to our ability to explore and build civilizations. Agreed, that we can’t become full-time explorers anymore (unless that’ what you are paid to do and that’s awesome) due to our responsibilities and the fact that we can’t stick to our primeval way of life because we need to work a job to make a living. However, every once in a while we just need to break away from the routine and start exploring. Also, it’s not necessary that you have to go off the beaten path; you can always visit another city or town you have never been to and still be counted as an explorer.

beach dayLiving in the Moment

Sometimes living in the moment is all you need to be content with yourself and your life in general. Living in the moment does not mean that you need to act on your impulses every time but rather just letting go and surrendering to your desires every once in a while. Obviously, we can’t behave the way a protagonist in some high budget Hollywood flick would behave, as in just pack stuff and leave for months on end without having second thoughts about anything else in this world; but we can always take short trips to places we have never been to. It also doesn’t need to cost a fortune while you do that, as you can just leave in the morning, check in for few hours, pay for only the time you stay in the hotel (Say for a few hours) and check out by the evening. Sounds vague? I recently heard about a company called HotelsByDay which offers day rooms for travelers like us who are short on budget but big on dreams. I am yet to try it, but by the looks of it, it seems it’s something I could use on my next trip. Anyway, the point here is for each and every one of us is to learn to let go sometimes and just live in the moment as they say.

Being stuck in the how’s and why’s of life can result in stagnation of thoughts, and a scarcity of experience when it comes to exploring the world. Moreover, what stories are you going to tell your kids and grandkids if you haven’t explored the world in the first place? So the next time your heart says “Take a trip” do make that trip, who knows what experiences you might have to share!