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Our Ordinary Year 2015

OUR-ORDINARY-20152015, another year has passed. It feels like the years fly by these days, the childhoods of each of my children seeming to pass by. With every click of my camera I hope to hold onto each moment, so I can go back to each day. While they feel ordinary are so extraordinary and I’m just thankful I get to spend another wonderful year growing with my little family. Watching them grow, they’re my whole world.

We started the first of the year with snow, so rare for southern California but enjoyed by everyone. snow California 2015

Both Mia and Brooklin were a part of a dance recital. For Brooklin it was a year of dance, she grew so much. I expect this year to be another year of growth with her, she’s only six but can already flip and tumble. I hope this year she continues to have fun and just stay focused on her goals. I’m so proud of her and the little person that she is, so this year started with a recital. brooklin dance

Before my 30th birthday in February I ran another half marathon. This time Kaila got to join me and she ran the kids run. I hope this year to continue to inspire her to run and that we can make many more memories running together. mermaid half marathon 2015 kaila and kristin

Soon after Brooklin got to compete in her first dance competitions, she even had her first solo. “Party in the USA” no doubt she will never forget her first solo, however basic and fun it was we created so many fun memories dancing this year. move dance competition

I contemplated being ordinary and we found out we were going to Walt Disney World. We also found out we were going to Cozumel, Mexico! Cozumel was beautiful! Delfino and I got to escape for 5 days in Mexico and we had such a wonderful time. cozumel mexicoA week after coming home from Cozumel we headed to Florida to Walt Disney World! We stayed at the Beach Club and enjoyed the sand bottom pool. It really was an unforgettable trip and it was one of the highlights of the summer! walt disney world

All the years got another year older. We celebrated their birthdays each in their own way. Brooklin’s we celebrated in Florida, Kaila had a sleepover with 10 of her friends, and Mia got a special party at Disneyland at Ariel’s Grotto!

We spent the hot days of summer at the beach. beach kaila and miaWe went on several stay-cations. To the Grand Canyon and Palm Springs. We had a fun summer in hotels and at the pools. Mia really came out of her shell this year, she now loves the water and the pool! mia poolAfter summer we had to get ready for the first day of school. Both the girls got teachers they really like and both of them have grown so much during this school year. first day of schoolRight after school started Brooklin and I got to jet off to New York City to film a video with Motrin. We had so much fun seeing the city. We saw Times Square our first night and went to Dylan’s Candy Store and to Serendipity3 for dinner. We both enjoyed the frozen hot chocolate, she got a New York hot dog and I got a veggie burger. Then we shopped around Times Square and rode the carousel in ToysRUs. We filmed the following day all day so we came back to the hotel and ordered room service, pizza and cheesecake. The next day we took the subway from Grand Central to the Statue of Liberty. We took a ferry ride under the Brooklyn Bridge and had Chinese Tourists take photos with Brooklin.

She felt so fancy. Then Brooklin slept in the cab on our way to Ground Zero. She had wanted to see the towers and hear the stories so we went into the museum. It was filled with memories of those lost on 9/11, debris and wreckage. She was scared so we said a prayer and left. We ended up at American Girl for lunch where we ate and then went shopping! Back at the hotel before leaving New York City we got to see Delfino’s Great Aunt Mary. She lives nearby so had to stop by and see us before we left back home. It was such a wonderful trip, probably why I want to write down all the details so again I can relive it. brooklin new york cityFall came right after we got home and we stayed busy with a steady stream of activities and work. mia halloween three years oldWe went on more trips and made so many great memories as a family. brooklin kaila malibu sand dunes climbing 2

I talked about being thankful . I learned a lot this year about being thankful and grateful for how far we have come. Working on myself and our marriage, I think there’s always room to grow and I hope we continue to move forward. I know we have a lot of love so I’m thankful for the small moments we made together, it’s those moments that have the most impact. What I have come to know is that life isn’t about what we have, it’s the experiences we have with the ones we love that mean the most. I loved this post about what being unstoppable means to meour familyWe ended the year with such a wonderful Christmas. It’s been an incredible year for us so it was just nice to end it together. There are so many moments, so many photos so many things I want to remember. mia and mommy baking kitchen

So as we head into a new year we reflect on the past. I can only hope to continue to rise up to be the person my girls need me to be. I hope to inspire them to never give up. I hope they know that I love them each and every day.

Happy New Year!

Here’s to 2016, another ordinary and yet extraordinary year!