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High-Tech Lights to Help Your Kids Sleep

We are happy to partner with Lighting Science Group on this compensated post.

Merdy Twinkles Of Joy Blanket Baby Sleeping (1)

As parents we always want what is best for our kids. I knew right away that when my second daughter was born she was going to be very busy. She advanced fast and was going all day long. The same with our third daughter. She just wants to keep up with her big sisters so when it comes time for bed it can take us a little while to wind down.

let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains quote

With Lighting Science Group’s new Sleepy Baby Bulb, it creates the perception of darkness for your child’s internal clock, while providing the right light output so you can care for your little one. That also means if Mia happens to wake up in her own room she can also see. This is especially important for infants as their little bodies aren’t on natural sleep cycles yet.

As parents it is also just as important that we and our little ones can safely get around. That’s why the Sleep Baby Bulb is such a great idea for parents with little ones. It’s also important that kids have routines and I’m always looking for the best bedtime tips to practice with our girls.

5 Tips For Better Sleep For Your Kids – 

  1. Be active during the day, give them lots of fun things to do in the afternoon.
  2. Say goodnight to electronics. That means taking away electronics two hours before bed.
  3. Take a bath – often it’s very relaxing to take a bath before bed especially for little ones who have had busy and sometimes messy days.
  4. Routine! Kids need routine so take a bath, read a book, and create a routine for your kids each night. This will generate a better sleep pattern.
  5. Keep it comfortable, use a soft blanket and favorite stuffed animal.  Sleepy Baby Bulb is great for night time and for little ones bedrooms.

Sleepy Baby nursery light for baby

The Sleepy Baby light has a warm amber glow that allows you to tend to your baby during the night without any of the blue light spectrum found in regular lights that wake us up. The baby’s brain registers darkness, even in the light’s glow. It’s a true night light that helps your child “sleep like a baby.” If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase each Sleep Baby Bulb comes with a money back guarantee.

I’d love to know your best tips and tricks for getting your little ones to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sweet dreams!!