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Chicago Area Hotels for Germophobes

Being a carefree wanderer is a great idea. In theory, if you’re ready and able to sleep under the stars, eat street food without fear or favor, and generally put up with whatever comes your way on your travels. If you’re the type of traveler who is grossed out by grime and freaked out by fungus however, then you’re probably not going to be happy to hang your hat just anywhere when visiting the windy city.

While you’re not likely to catch a tropical disease or be carried away by beetles the size of cats in Chicago, it can still be tough to find a hotel that meets your standards if you are less Howard Carter adventurer and more Howie Mandel compulsive.

sssFortunately for you, the windy city boasts a few great hotels with above average attention to cleanliness, so you don’t have to wrap yourself in plastic wrap just to take a nap, or battle wildlife in the shower. Here are a few options:


Ship Shape and Budget Friendly

According to those in the know, there are a couple of chain hotels in Chitown that go above and beyond the usual spit and polish. The Fairfield Inn and Suites Downtown has a great reputation and so does the Hampton Majestic in the Theater District. Both come in well under $300 a night.

The Kinzie Hotel, which is a boutique hotel also comes in under the $300 mark, while the Hotel Lincoln has rooms under $200 a night, and it’s a small, recently renovated hotel that will appeal to travelers who prefer their hotels a little unique and interesting. Ronell Stewart of Youth Noise Chicago notes that most clients when flying in for a meeting aren’t looking to stay in the generic hotel chains, but nowadays, are looking for something a bit more unique and interesting.

Middle of the Road and Well Moppedsds

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your accommodation in The Big Onion, then there are plenty of choices in the $300 to $600 a night range, including the Hyatt Magnificent Mile, the Omni and the Waldorf Astoria Chicago (which is not really that surprising!) They’re all great hotels, and they all get top marks in cleanliness from travelers.

Break the Bank, Baby!

If money is no option, then there are several great Chicago area hotels that are pristine, immaculate and will inspire crippling social media envy and FOMO in your friends.

These include the Four Seasons Chicago, which also won a travelers choice award this year, and the Trump International. Although, in the case of the latter, while the rooms may be clean, you might still feel dirty giving money to it’s namesake!

The Best Way to Find a Spotless Hotel

You can search the web and read reviews, but the best (and sneakiest) way to find a really clean hotel in the Chicago area, according to Spotless Cleaning Chicago, is to contact local commercial cleaning companies, and find out where they have contracts. You can bet your last that when hotels are paying someone else to clean their rooms, they’re going to make sure they get their money’s worth, and that means cleaner rooms.

Which means you can leave your latex body suit and your shower booties at home, put your feet up, and enjoy your trip to the home of Chicago deep dish pizzas, the Cubs and the L train!

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  1. Jenn on January 5, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Your comment about giving money to the Trump hotel made me chuckle. I’ve heard great things about the Four Seasons. We’re traveling to Illinois for a wedding next month and need to find somewhere to stay!