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Give The Gift Of The World’s Finest Toothpicks By Daneson

This is a partnered post to share Daneson’s World Finest Toothpicks.

My husband is a hard guy to buy for. He likes unique gifts, ones that will actually serve a purpose. I try to get him things that he can use, in the car, on the go, or wherever. I love to find him things that not only have function but have some kind of style, after all many things he uses are accessories in some way.   daneson toothpicks (4)A unique gift idea for the man who has so much are Daneson Toothpicks. Daneson is the maker of the world’s finest toothpicks and it shows in the quality.

daneson ginger honey toothpicksThese Northern White Birch toothpicks are created from smooth wood and infused with essential oils and natural flavors giving each toothpick a mellow taste and aroma. Not only are they tasty and have a nice smell, they are also sturdy toothpicks that will not break.

What is even nicer is if he uses it and if he wants to keep it in his mouth, some people like to, it gives off the faint taste of flavor. They keep their recipes secret and source the finest natural and if possible organic ingredients from specially selected suppliers.

daneson high end toothpicks and holderTo top it all off, one box comes with 4 beautiful glass tubes and real cork caps to store these high end toothpicks. Keeping them airtight preserves the aroma and taste while also looking stylish. Each small batch is numbered and are all unique. Just imagine the looks on your hubbys face when he pulls out a toothpick for a friend after a nice casual or business dinner. Make a statement. daneson fine toothpicks deliveredI love how nice they look and they are a fun gift for any occasion or as a stocking stuffer. Checkout Daneson for their line of flavored fine toothpicks in Cinna Mint, Mint, Lemon, Single Malt, Ginger Honey, & Bourbon. Also available is a Every Blend 6 pack with all flavors.

Order them today just in time for the holidays.