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The Hoover Cordless Vacuum Is Great For Our Little Girls Who Want To Help Us Clean Around The House

With having kids, comes many responsibilities. We were just talking a few days ago about how much extra money we would have if we never had kids. We laughed, but then it dawned on us, we have sacrificed a lot to be the loving parents we both want to be.

But really thinking about it, it is an investment. We teach our kids how to behave and encourage and help them learn, so it is important to spend not only money but time with them. Spending time on kids is more than just fun and teaching fun things, but also comes the cleaning and cooking and all the rest involved in parenting.

As our oldest is getting to those tween years, we are starting to really get on her about being responsible and starting to clean up after herself as well as contributing to her house. Our best way to do this is through chores, with the main one revolving around cleaning and picking up after everyone.

Hoover Vac Cordless Lithium Battery Vacuum Good Big House

While our home looks clean, there is plenty of dirt, dog hair, crumbs, it all is not easy to see. You would be surprised how much dander is there. One of the best things that can help us all out is by keeping the floors clean. Living in a dusty and dry land, the kids like to play outside and dirt and debris just makes its way around our home. Our options include sweeping or vacuuming, but our vacuum is too big for the kids to haul around as well as up and down the stairs. Sweeping is not easy in a bigger home.

Hoover Vac Cordless Vacuum dirt cleanout

This picture is just one run through from the picture above.

We got a Hoover Cordless vacuum for the kids to learn about being more responsible. I love how this lightweight and easy to use vacuum is easy for our little girls. Our oldest can easily take it up and down the stairs. With Hoover Windtunnel 3 technology, the kids can handle this vacuum while getting floors clean with plenty of suction power to lift and remove dirt and crumbs.

With having young sisters too, they want to help and because the Hoover Cordless Vacuum is so lightweight they like to help out too. With having no cords to plug and unplug, no cables to winding, no tripping, tugging or tangling, this Hoover Vac is great for our house.

Kid using cordless vacuum friendly Hoover

The Hoover Cordless Vac has nigh bright lights for dimly lit areas helping to make sure under the couches or tables are clean. Also an easy to flip switch on the handle lets the kids shut off the brush head for hard flooring.

Hoover Vac Cordless Lithium Battery Vacuum

What else is helpful is the detachable handheld vacuum unit making cleaning up any mess so easy. From crumbs in a corner, couch, tables, the handheld unit makes it easy. The Hoover Cordless Vacuum is very versatile for a busy home.

Hoover’s line of cordless cleaners includes 4 different units for different needs as well as a hard floor wet cleaner. Having no cords make these daily task so much easier!

4 Hoover Cordless Vacuums

Hoover provides a lithium battery for lots of power and enough time for cleaning a whole house. Not only will the Hoover LithiumLife battery provide the power but have double the capacity their standard 18-volt lithium Ion batteries. This means longer periods of power between charges and fade-free power, will work fully till it’s time to recharge.

Hoover Vac Cordless Lithium Battery

The battery is interchangeable and works with all other products in the Hoover cordless line.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.