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Surprising My Friend With A Marshalls Shopping Spree #MarshallsSurprise

I was so excited last week to surprise my friend Ashleigh with a shopping spree. Thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this #MarshallsSurprisemarshallsI asked Ash to meet me for lunch. She doesn’t typically shop at Marshalls so I was excited to ask her to join me on a surprise holiday shopping spree for the latest on-trend designer items (fashion, home, etc.) at one of my favorite stores, Marshalls!

Ashleigh was so excited about shopping and we spent the next hour roaming the isles picking out the best gifts and even some items for ourselves. It was so exciting to just shop and it was even more special to get to do it with a friend.  There is high end jewelry, sporting goods, unique games and so much more just so many gift ideas! marshalls shopping spree

Marshalls has amazing holiday gift offerings for everyone on your list at incredible prices, so we spent our time shopping for our family. I think it’s only natural as moms to buy gifts for others so this shopping spree helped us not only buy for ourselves but also buy for others as well. I’m so glad I got this experience with my friend and I know she appreciated it just as much as I did.

Head to Marshalls for everything you need for for the holiday season!

Who would you surprise with a #MarshallsSuprise?