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Great Gift Ideas – Give A Gift From Jackson & Perkins

grandparents giftsI love sending out gifts but sometimes it’s easier for me to shop online and directly send my loved ones gifts. There are those people who you have no idea what to get, take my Gradmother in law, neighbors and teachers for instance.

I recently partnered with Jackson & Perkins where I got to learn about their gift ideas and a lovely winter flower that makes the perfect gift. Amaryllis are generally grown as a lovely accent over the holidays. They are a favorite gift because they can add reliable beauty when grown in containers. Jackson Perkins Amaryllis (2)Their lush, tropical blooms add a scintillating accent to the holiday home, which makes them great choices to give as living gifts . . . or to keep for yourself! Grown indoors they will bloom in about 8 weeks, then after they go dormant they can be brought out every winter to bloom again. In tropical climates they can grow right in the garden. Make the holidays merry and bright with this extraordinary winter flower!Jackson Perkins Amaryllis (1)They make the perfect gift for any Grandparent. There’s also a wide variety of other plants and flowers which all makes great gifts for anyone on your list. There’s still time to get that perfect gift, one that can be reused and appreciated all year long. These are great gifts for Grandparents who already have everything, or the neighbor who often offers her smile and a nice hello. Brighten anyone’s day on you gift list with one of these gifts from Jackson & Perkins.jackson and perkins

You can shop Jackson & Perkins online. Need help with gifts? Call into the gift advisor and get help selecting that perfect gift.

Would love to know, what are your favorite gifts for Grandparents?  


  1. OurFamilyWorld on December 18, 2015 at 9:45 am

    My mom would love a gift like this. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Amy D on December 18, 2015 at 7:56 am

    I love getting unique gifts that are not so mainstream. These are some keepers for sure!

  3. Greta Brinkley on December 18, 2015 at 12:35 am

    I love Amaryllis. This would be a good present for me!

  4. Lisa Bristol on December 18, 2015 at 12:24 am

    My Parents would love to get these flowers for Christmas. We like to give them home made gifts from the kids.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia on December 18, 2015 at 12:23 am

    My Mom would love these flowers. I like to give her a Spa day for Christmas. She never treats herself.

  6. Maurene on December 17, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    These flowers are gorgeous. I always love to have fresh flowers inside the house. I would love to have this.

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy) on December 17, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I think giving the gift of a plant is always nice! It’s something that will last and continue to grow throughout the years.

  8. Janis @MommyBlogExpert on December 17, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    What a beautiful gift that would be for my mom. She love forced bulbs and these Amaryllis come planted ready to grow in their own pot.

  9. Aubrey on December 17, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    What a beautiful gift. I love the way the flowers look.

  10. Jennifer on December 17, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    whoa, that’s super cool. I love how you can watch it grow. I would even love to receive this… Christmas isn’t even necessary!

  11. Ciao Florentina on December 17, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    I love Amaryllis ! They look gorgeous and I’m sure anyone would love to receive them as a gift !

  12. Clo Nevaeh on December 17, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    How fun! My grandmother loves to receive flowers and it seems that Jackson Perkins has just what we need!

  13. Liz Mays on December 17, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    This is such an memorable and unique gift idea! The blooms are so pretty. They’d add a lovely pop of color to any room.

  14. Jeanine on December 17, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    I’ve never heard of Jackson Perkins before. Those flowers are really gorgeouss, Im loving the vase!

  15. Shauna on December 17, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    These are just perfect for my inlaws… they would love them. I haven’t heard of Jackson Perkins before. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Kelly Hutchinson on December 17, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    I had not heard of Jackson Perkins before. I love the idea of a tropical bloom during the winter.

  17. Jeanette on December 17, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    My mom is absolutely would love this. She loves flowers and my son needs to get a gift for her! This would be a great gift to give her from my son.

  18. Emerald on December 17, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Those flowers look beautiful. I can’t believe they can grow in such understated tiny containers.

  19. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle on December 17, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    That is SO great! I love how classic the entire thing looks. It’s so beautiful.

  20. Vera Sweeney on December 17, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    These are great gift ideas for grandparents from Jackson Perkins! They can be so hard to buy for sometimes