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Let Your Kids Design Their Very Own Customized Phone Case With CaseApp

Thinking of gifts for a tween girl these days can be daunting. With so many choices of things to like, characters to follow, or tech to keep up with, finding something unique that kids will like is always a sure way help them remember that gift for years to come.

One thing our girls really like is designing. Our oldest has an older iPhone 5 and loves it because it is small and does what she needs. But what she also likes to do is style things up. From cases to jewels, my daughters love making things so why not include her phone case?

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CaseApp.com is a fun site where anyone can make their own case and get it delivered right to their door. The process starts at CassApp.com where you pick you phone and tablet. Next you can select your type of case and finish as well as customized skins.

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The best part is making your case. There are tons of preset images for many tastes, but uploading images or your own graphics can make designing your own case a masterpiece in itself.


We changed the pink before sending it off to be created.

To be honest as an adult, I am not into cases that have designs on them because many of them are not to my liking for a phone case. CaseApp lets me shoose what I would want and the case and graphcis were super high quality. CaseApp was awesome. Our soon-to-be tween daughter was able to make a case of her liking and was delivered the exact case she created. She loves it!

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CaseApp is a fun way for kids to get the exact case they want to see, and an awesome way to really personal your iPhone (4/4s, 5/5s/5c, 6/6+, and 6s/6s+), Samsung Galaxy phone (S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge), Nokia, or HTC phone case. Cases also available for the iPad, iPad mini, MacBooks, iPods, and 15.6” laptops.


Use your own images, preset fonts, high quality clip art and more. The quality of the print was very sharp and she got what she made. There are also a lot of premade designs to choose from.


Take your kids favorite pictures or images and make them a special case they will use and always remember or give them the gift of creating their own!

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Check out CaseApp on Instagram @CaseAppOfficial and their website caseapp.com