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Give The Gift Of History & Learning With A Custom Birthday Book From The New York Times Store

This is a partnered post to share historical and educational gifts.

Growing up as a kid, one thing I loved about the holidays was wondering what new and interesting gift I may get. With family that traveled for the US government, I got some fun and neat ideas for gifts. I especially liked the ones that were personalized and educational. As a kid, I loved my favorite world globe, different historical books, and things from other countries or time.


I like to introduce our kids to unique gifts that will make them think and be inquisitive. From our oldest daughter’s large world map, to our middle daughter’s collection of pins from all the places she has visited, they have those gifts that will let them learn and remember something lifelong worth remembering.

One fun gift I would love for myself, but would also be great for my aunt or grandmother is the New York Times Custom Birthday Book from the New York Times Store. This 12” x 15” book comes with the gift recipient’s name and any date selected. I would even like one with my birthday. Both name and date are emboldened with a silver foil stamping on a blue leatherette cover.


What makes this book so unique is it starts with the recipient’s first birthday, anniversary, retirement, or other special date, followed by every one of his or her selected commemorative date after that. What a great way to review the headlines, articles and photos that marked that special date each year!

The New York Times Custom Birthday Book is fun for anyone aged 25 to 100 years old. Reliving events and moments that captivated the world’s attention will bring back memories. With the ability to add up to 50 historical front pages, this is also a terrific gift for young, budding history lovers.

The New York Times Custom Birthday Book includes a bookmark, certificate of authenticity, and is made in Williston, VT with pride.

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