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Malibu Sand Dunes At Point Magu State Park – Fun Family Activity

alsoThe Malibu Sand Dunes are fun for kids. We were recently out in Thousand Oaks, CA for a couple of days away from home, a staycation of sorts. It was about 2 hours plus of a drive, so to me it was a getaway. While we live about 60 miles from downtown San Diego and Los Angeles, the area we were in was near Malibu, CA about 50 miles NW of los Angeles. Southern California is a systems of micro climates so even driving for just 50 miles, the environment changes.

We made our way out for some beach fun and started with Point Magu State Park, which is maybe 10-20 miles NW of Malibu, CA up the Pacific Coast Highway.

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Location of Malibu Sand Dunes

We started with bird watching, then found this awesome Malibu sand dunes. It is on the south end of Point Magu State Park across the highway from a on beach RV and camping site.

malibu sand dunes

The kids insisted climbing to the top so we did. While it looked incredibly high, it wasn’t too hard. You can take it from the side with less steep a slope, or straight ahead which brought the kids to a climb on their hands and knees.

Malibu CA Giant Great Sand Dune 2

We pushed ahead and took a rest at the top. Made for impressive views and was safe for all our kids, including our 3 year old who made it half way. Check out the view from the Malibu Sand Dunes.

brooklin kaila malibu sand dunes climbing 2

Going down was super fun, was fun to run fast and falling wasn’t too much a worry, which never happened.

Point Magu State Park Sand Dune 2


After we went and had lunch at Zuma Beach In Malibu part of Los Angeles County. This beach is at 30000 Pacific Coast Highway in the northern end of Malibu, CA.  The beach was beautiful, long, soft sand, awesome waves and just loads of fun.

zuma beach malibua ca beach for kids souther california

The beach was really pleasant as it led into the ocean very easily without major drops. I find many beaches in southern California can really have extreme slopes into the ocean. With kids this can be dangerous as it also creates deep areas, undertows, and sneaker waves. beach swinging mia 2

It was so calm and we were lucky to see a raft of seals jumping around and just having a fun time it seemed.

zuma beach malibua, ca

With plenty of parking, lifeguards out during the day, this is a great beach for families. Parking fees vary – Winter $3.00 to $8.00; Summer $3.00 to $14.00; Meters $.25 each 10 minutes.


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