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Seafood Has Many Benefits to Early Development

Kennebunkport, Maine beachFood is essential as we all know. From new inventions in food production like the food/drink solutions some are offer, humans are always altering our habits of what we eat. My wife recently decided a couple months ago she was done with eating meats like beef, chicken, turkey, pork, anything that walks above land or flies. While I support her, I encourage my kids to keep an open taste. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoying a lot of awesome fish and having grown up for some years in Israel and traveled the region enjoying great seafood from Mediterranean cuisine.

Just as I have always been find of seafood, I want my kids to also enjoy what our waters have to offer, more than just body boarding. Living in Southern California with so many coastal towns it is so easy to find seafood cuisine prepared in so many ways. And if my kids are not fond of it, they will miss out on so much the world has to offer.

We partnered up with the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a national non-profit organization that is working to help Americans really understand all that eating seafood has to offer. With beneficial and positive health impact, seafood is very filling and help to combat our nation’s high cardiovascular disease rates. A simple question to remember is if eating seafood twice a week is good for me? Yes, it can help to reduce heart attack risk by 36 percent! I know that I am in my mid 30’s, watching my long term health is super important for me and my kids.

Park Royal Cozumel Mexico Italian Seafood DishScience that has been done on seafood and the richly packed omega-3s it contains suggest they will improve heart and a very good way to begin to address cardiovascular diseases. With heart disease a leading cause of death among Americans both women and men, it’s important to focus on more than just trying to run, it’s about the diet too. For new moms, Omega-3s assist in brain and eye development in babies and seafood is great for Omega-3s fatty acids.

Don’t let the stories of mercury scare you. To be honest it’s the really big fish like Sharks, swordfish, tile fish, and king mackerel and other very large fish that contain the higher amounts of methylmercury, which is what fish accumulate and produce as they ingest natural and even industrial mercuries. Reason it’s important to protect out waters and try to reduce what we throw into them. Find out more about mercury risks with this FDA advisory.

If you want to really begin to consider what you eat and even try something new and fun, or to find new and exciting ways to cook your favorite seafood dishes check out http://www.seafoodnutrition.org. Easy-to-prepare recipes and tips as well as some new cooking videos and other information is available.  (http://bit.ly/1VFfbIR).

Check out their social media channels for more tips and information on benefits to Seafood.
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Modern grocery markets have made it easy for many to get their hands on a variety of seafood choices, look up a fun recipe and make it. Really enjoy what properly prepared seafood has to offer, a whole new world to food!

Do you have an really unique but easy seafood recipes that kids enjoy?