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Making Memories With Our Kids In Our Family Kitchen

This is a sponsored content related to our Family Kitchen experience and to share the GE Appliances Our American Kitchen Sweepstakes.

One of the most important places to any family is the kitchen. No matter how primitive or fancy one can design and create one, the purpose is all the same, a place to eat food and enjoy others. We also know eating food should be enjoyable and being with those you enjoy can make it even better. #ouramericankitchen

For our little family of 5 plus 2 dogs, our kitchen is very important to us. As a kid I of course remember my childhood kitchen and GE Appliances being right there, but for the most part the technology offered in any US kitchen during the 80s was pretty standard. Fast forward it to the 21st century, and our kid’s kitchens are much more advanced. While our kitchen is nothing fancy, it still is equipped with newer appliances which still have many more conveniences than they did 10-20 years ago. Even more important is that I can show my kids how to be great cooks and to cook for themselves as soon as they are on their own.

mia in kitchen baby

My husband and I didn’t have the best childhoods, so it’s important we do the best for our kids. We have done our best to give our kids a kitchen that they will remember for so many reasons. From just hearing about their days, to teaching them through cooking, or cleaning up to learn responsibility, our kitchen is special to us!

Check out this sweet video of The Richards Family and how they use their kitchen to help children. The kitchen is great for learning and even better for teaching children many things. Many more GE webisodes about other great family stories.

We have done a great job providing a loving home and kitchen and with us being a fairly young and youthful family, we are working to improve our lives in many ways. One is with our home, the home we will pass to our kids. While our home is for the most part a great home, the kitchen could be upgraded in materials and new, advanced, GE appliances would be great for so many reasons. New appliances not only save money in costs thanks to efficiency, but offer just so many new features that can allow the creation of just so many more recipes and foods. With features like backlit knobs, no leaving things on by accident.

GE Cafe Range 2

As a kid, I always remember seeing the GE symbol and they are still making great appliances that look like works of art in the right kitchen. Dual ovens that don’t take up a wall are excellent to create elaborate meals that can be ready and prepared at the same time, but benefit for varied cooking temps. Precision cooking, making cooking meals so much quicker and precise. Hands-free autofill, no more holding a cup or button. So many storage options and just so many others great features. They so useful. Long gone are my days of simple electric stoves that limit cooking in so many ways.

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