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Keeping Our Toddler Happy With Sprout® Organic Baby & Toddler Foods

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.
mia pumpkin

Being a parent is a lot of hard work. Never did I imagine how much I would constantly be going taking care of 3 kids and a family. With the morning routine, to cleaning up, then shuttling, and work, seems like there would be little time for anything else. But one of the most time consuming and things that seem to keep us busy is food. So we do our best to make shopping for feed fun for the kids.

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We all need it. From breakfast, creating lunches for the kids, to snacks and dinner, it seems we are always preparing or serving them and ourselves stuff to eat. It may seem mundane, but nourishment and eating properly is more important than anything, well expect air and water, but its right up there with things necessary for people. Without the right food, we get tired, hungry, cranky, so with a house of 5 people we have to stay fed and eat right.

When it comes to the older kids, it has gotten easier. They are more open to a variety of foods and are not scared away with textures or flavors. But the baby of the family is a little more picky and when hungry the least of all to let it go. When she is hungry, she is hungry. From early morning getting prepared for daycare, to after daycare, we are always supplying her with something to eat.

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So it is super important that we make sure she is not just staying full, but her little belly is full of quality food to make her quality energy. We rely on Sprout® Organic baby/toddler foods to help us keep her full of real.honest.pure ingredients, making sure she is as happy as can be. Its one thing to deal with a toddler who is having a bad day, its another to deal with one who is having a bad day and hungry!

Another thing we have to do it seems ever few days is grocery shopping! Our kids enjoy shopping and picking out things they like. Mia knows what she likes and with so many flavors, its great that we can introduce her taste buds to new fruits and vegetables that she will be eating later in life.

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Sprout® Organic baby/toddler foods are great and very convenient with their travel style serving portions. Not always can we take the time to let little Mia be on her time. When she is hungry we have to make sure she gets fed. So having pouch style foods on days when we are busy and on-the-go is so helpful in a 21st century family.