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How Cloud Storage Keeps This Small Family Business Going

Being busy and on the go all the time can be very hectic for any family and any business. With everything from the kids, to running our blog, it seems like there is always some technical difficult that arises between work and with being on the go, can create a problem. While out with the kids, capturing precious moments with pictures and videos is fun. Smartphones make it easy to share an instant video service, but many times the quality is not the best. So when we need to send files and save files for later use, we use cloud services including Amazon Cloud Drive.

This neat online service is great for many reasons. I can save and store anything that I save on my phone, PC, and tablets (works with Macs and basically any device.) With easy apps including Amazon Photo for Android and iOS devices, let your photos stay backed up automatically. Not only will this save free memory space on my phone, but if I ever lose it, I will have everything saved.

Now when my when I think my phone us running slow when its full, because 128 GBS isn’t as much free space as I thought, I can easily back up my phone with ease. And viewing my Amazon Photo app is easy to navigate.

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It is also easy to share photos and files from Amazon Photo with a private link for easy web viewing. This is great for my business. Many times one of us is on the go with the children and we may need to share a file, read something important or make edits. Amazon Cloud Drive makes it easy to access and share files between us, anywhere.

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Find out more at Amazon.com/clouddrive or Amazon.com/primephotos and get started with a free 3-month trial with an existing Amazon Prime membership. Enjoy 5 GBs of easy cloud space access for files, content, photos, videos, movies, music, files, and almost any file. Are we moving past the USB days?

Amazon recently added two unlimited storage plans that offer unlimited storage options.

With the Unlimited Everything Plan for $59.99 per year, I can store as many new and existing photos, videos, backups, files, music, documents, digital movies, and my own videos on the Amazon Cloud Drive.

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And for anyone, including non-Prime members, the Unlimited Photos Plan is $11.99 per year, less than $1 per month with the benefits to save unlimited photos. Keep your phone clear for those special moments or those un-happy moments when you lose your phone or it falls into a pool or the ocean. I’ve had it happen. Also included with the Unlimited Photos plan is 5 GB of storage for videos or other documents and files. Again this is available for non-Amazon Prime members.

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And for us current Amazon Prime members, Amazon Cloud Drive with Prime Photos is available FREE as part of our yearly Amazon Prime membership. That means unlimited photo backup and storage as well as 5 GB of additional storage space for videos, movies, music, and files.

Keep your files safe and your devices free. No more broken or tired USB and memory cards. No more losing those little storage devices. With Cloud storage all data is in one easy to find location.


Have you ever had a major data loss and wished you had backed it up?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.