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Get Fit With The Fit Finally Programs & Guides

runningGet back in shape…… after everything else has failed!

I have struggled with my weight since I had my second daughter. I went through a traumatic time in my life and found myself overweight and very unhappy. With that weight that I gained I found it hard to get back to where I was, and after having another baby and all these years later I am like many women and just went up and down with my weight. I am happy to partner with Fit Finally on this post.

Fit.. Finally is an online suite of fat loss programs created by trainer (and now also a health coach) Betty Hartley. It’s about getting fit, eating healthy, and living a happy and well balanced lifestyle. Now that I have a nice new gym right by my house and I have dreams of running many more half marathons I know it’s important for me to do the work to be healthy and I’d like to become stronger. I know that I have to do the work to make it happen and that’s the first step.


The Eat 2 Lose nutrition program is the heart of the Fit… Finally suite of products. One thing I have learned is that you can only lose weight when you manage what you put into your body. This is the most difficult part of losing weight and the Eat 2 Lose nutrition program teaches exactly that!

Of course you’ll need to exercise so I recommend the The “No Equipment” Workout which is the Fit.. Finally’s home based, zero-equipment workout. It is perfect for burning those extra calories, increasing your strength, and maintaining your muscle tone and ‘lean shape’ when you start dropping that flab!


I have been working on diet and working out in the gym with the program I have new tools and ways to get more out of my workouts. This is a great way to give you ideas for workouts and things you need for the gym or your home workouts.

 The complete Fit Finally program includes ALL the earlier guides and programs PLUS a range of additional ‘goodies’ like our massive recipe collection, the Fit Finally weekly plan, the ‘Staircase Workout, and Cravings Control Formula. It has everything you need to know to really make a change.


There is always time in my life to learn something new and I look at Fit….Finally as just another way to learn something new. Eat better, feel better and get stronger. That’s my goal and if you want to learn more about the program Fit Finally.

Do you really need to make a healthy change? Who not take some time to learn something new?