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Disney’s Upcoming Diamond Edition Release of Disney’s ALADDIN‏

Disney's ALADDIN‏ diamond edition

In the heat of an enchanted city, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey Abu battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine from the schemes of the evil sorcerer Jafar. Aladdin’s whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp as a fun-loving, shape-shifting Genie appears and grants him three wishes, setting him on an incredible journey of discovery.

From the Academy Award-winning music to the unforgettable moments of sidesplitting comedy and soaring adventure, enter ”a whole new world” of entertainment in this astounding, fun-filled Blu-ray Diamondecial Edition, featuring the deleted song Proud of Your Boy, games, movie secrets and so much more – it’s everything you could ever wish for and more!

In celebration of the upcoming “ALADDIN: DIAMOND EDITION” release, Scott Weinger, the voice of Aladdin, hosted a special screening of the film at the Walt Disney Studios lot. alladin

You can find the release in stores October 13th! 

For more information, please visit http://movies.disney.com/aladdin; connect with https://www.facebook.com/DisneyAladdin; follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DisneyAnimation