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Checking & Maintain Your Home’s Air Filter To Reduce Chances Of Childhood Asthma

Moving from Portland, Oregon to now living in Southern California, the differences are vast. From the completely extreme weather conditions, to the amount of people, and everything to do, I have to say I plan to live here for a while. That may sound odd because many people can plan to live and grow up in the same place their whole life, but there is a vast world out there. We are happy to partner with FilterBuy.com on this post.

One of the biggest things I have noticed that affects my family and I the most, is the environment. Yes, there is less rain and water, less trees and plants, the biggest different is the air quality. While natural factors affect this such as dryness and dust in the air, the extra amount of people and the traffic we all generate is a huge factor not just here but any bustling town and major cities. With a home with 3 small children making sure we have clean indoor air is important and keeping our furnace filter is the best and cheapest way to do this. No matter if it’s the AC or heat, the air is getting cleaned.

One thing I find myself replacing more often and for a very good reason, is our home air filter. During this last summer, the air quality varied and for many places here in California, the air quality was not good, and unsafe for people with asthma, young children and the elderly. It’s that serious and something people should really consider as the planet continues to provide for us.

While I do advocate for better ways to help clean the air we breathe, such as creating energy from not having to burn things, recycling, less chemicals used openly, etc.; it is important to do what we can now to protect ourselves but also to avoid the dangers of asthma and other illnesses that can affect young children. With 3 kids, I try to keep myself educated to help them, its evolution.

Take the steps you make sure you vacuum and avoid dust, pollen, dander, and more. You may be surprised how much can accumulate especially if you like to keep your windows open. And for those in very busy and areas that suffer from high levels of traffic pollution, this is even made worse.


For any that think or do suffer from asthma here is a helpful chart to better understand, recognize and control the symptoms of asthma in children and adults

Checking your home air filter every 1-3 months is the easiest way to accomplish clean indoor air. Most air filters start out as a very white material and as they work, they do become grey and dirty fairly quickly depending on how often you run your home’s HVAC system. Check out FilterBuy.com for an easy way to get your home filters delivered to your door. No more having to get the size and find it, or have your local home supply store order it in. Plus, buying online saves money!