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Check Out Fall Fashion Trends For All Women With Macy’s

With Fall here it’s time for so many changes! From the trees, color of the leaves, the foods we eat, clothes we wear, many things change during this seasonal transition. Living in many places, summer is gone, the days of hot days and warm nights. Now it’s time for cool days and cold nights.

I think one of the biggest changes that I go through, more than enjoying the kids being back in school, is the major wardrobe shift. No more shorts, and t-shirts, and light tops. Now it’s time for zipper cardigans, pants, and denim. I love Fall because it reminds me of Oregon, well at least the gloomy clouds. We are expecting a wet season, so I am sure I will be able to enjoy some great Fall Fashions.

Macys Fashion Show Emme plus size model rancho california (2)

I went out to the Macy’s Fashion Store in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to check out a fun fashion show hosted the world’s leading plus size model, EMME. I am sure many women understand how much life changes, no matter how much we may think we have full control of it. EMME values and views embrace the fact that being happy comes from the inside out. No matter what, embracing life and being happy with it and oneself should always be recognized.

Macys Fashion Show Emme plus size model rancho california (4)

Recent Event Location Oct. 10, 2015:

Macy’s Victoria Gardens
7855 Kew Avenue
Women’s Fashion, Level 2
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Check out MACY’S FALL FASHION PAGE with ideas for everyone and every body type!

With fashion it should be no different. Just because all clothing is not made for everyone, especially those of us with curvaceous features, doesn’t mean fashion isn’t for everyone. EMME showed us some great Fall trends including cardigans, skirts, faux furs, no matter what body type, making fashion work is for everyone!

Macys Fashion Show Emme plus size model rancho california (1)

I do find myself being plain during my selection of Fall fashions and wardrobe. I tend to stay to very basic patterns and clothing types. I loved these outfits, not only did they fit the beautiful woman great, they showed how fashion is for every woman! Go down to your local shopping center, like your nearest Macy’s and have fun finding Fall fashion.

Do not be afraid to try on some new dresses. Purple is the color this Fall, play around and look past the norm. Embrace the color and embrace the season. Want to avoid the rain, and keep warm, consider a poncho and knit dress. Want to be more business fit, go with the traditional Black and White look with many choices out there.

Macys Fashion Show Emme plus size model rancho california (3)

No matter what you decide for your Fall fashion, do not be afraid to play around with it. Experiment with Fall colors like Purples, Black & White, or textures like knits and faux furs. You may be surprised how many compliments you get, when you may usually get none. People love fashion and one thing that holds people back from enjoying fashion is feeling embarrassed of your choice. But that’s the beauty of fashion, the beauty many people will see!

Check out Macy’s for choices in beautiful fashion for everyday dress, work, or any situation. With choices for all body types, Macy’s has a huge selection of the latest fashion and trends.

Live in the Southern California area, keep an eye out for Macy’s local Fashion and Culinary shows hosted in different Southland Shopping Plazas.

Have You Ever Wanted To Have Fun With Fashion But Held Back? What Held You Back?

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