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New Airtight Storage & Lockable Food Container With Built-in Simple 2 Digit Lock

This is an informative post to share Lokables™,a new and very useful product, food and storage container with simple 2 digit lock.

With a house full of stuff and 3 little wandering and at times very bored little kids, I find myself either putting things away they shouldn’t be into or putting things up high so they can’t get into them. From snacks, to candy, even treats for each kid, the kitchen is a place that a lock or safe kind of container would be great. Medications and vitamins can be dangerous for children, and even all the candy baking décor can be a problem especially during the holiday seasons.

Lokables™ are a dishwasher & microwave safe food storage container with a simple 2 digit lock. This is great for all the things I mentioned above because we could keep these things away and not worry about the kids getting into them just by finding a chair. Lokables™ are leak proof, designed and made of FDA-approved BPA-free high impact ABS plastic making them safe for food items, even lunches and meals.

lockables persona safe container

Not only do kids get a fun little container that they will want to use and unlock, lets face it many kids love their own locks and I know my kids would have fun unlocking their lunch or snacks. Kids would be happy to carry their own “security lunchbox!”

Lokables™ would also be great for a work fridge or breakroom, no more worrying about your lunch being eaten or tampered with. With the custom two-digit lock and airtight lid, meals will be fresh from home. Lokables™ are offered in several colors and with the choice of a solid or look through lid.

lokables 2 digit safe container

Other great uses for Lokables™:

  • Store valuables while traveling especially at the beach or on a boat
  • Keep documents, wallet, valuables, and your phone safe and dry while camping or fishing
  • Keep meds away and locked from kids, pets and elderly parents
  • Store those Halloween trick-or-treat candies from yourself and the kids
  • Use as a mystery or prize box for classroom settings
  • Keep makeup and beauty products safe from daughters, sisters, roommates, etc.
  • Many more!

With the different color choices and lid options every family member can have their own for their own reasons and own lock codes. Colors include green, white, pink, black with corresponding lid colors or the choice of a transparent lid.


Lokables™ are made by U.S. companies including Lee Springs (one of the oldest spring makers in the world) and ServTech Plastics. Lee Springs is making the proprietary composite resin springs that make Lokables™ so reliable, meet FDA requirements, and dishwasher safe.

Check out this new product that will prove of many uses!

What Could You Use A Lokables™ For?