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Fall-Inspired Gift Ideas

The leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and the sweaters are being pulled out of the closet. Summer flew by, and fall is just around the corner. This wonderful season provides a bevy of items that will serve as great gifts for all types of occasions. If you need the perfect gift for someone in your life, try one of these autumn-related presents and really wow them with a seasonal theme.

Get Fruity

Fruit arrangements are an appropriate autumn gift for a multitude of occasions. Choose farm-fresh fruits or dried treat mixes to liven up the celebration and add a touch of healthy delights. Not only does it taste delicious, but it looks incredible as well! It’ll definitely score you some sophistication points, while also being super convenient for you because you can order it online. If you’re really trying to impress, set your gift recipient up for weekly fruit deliveries for an entire year. They’ll have plenty of resources to make some delicious recipes, and hopefully you’ll get a bite or two!

The Gift of Light

Fall means cozy settings, and nothing says cozy better than the soft flicker of a scented candle. Candles are easily found and usually are a dime a dozen, but Yankee Candle has a collection of fall scents that smell delicious and cast a beautiful glow. Light one of these and wait for the comforting scents of autumn to waft throughout the house. Once you smell them, you’ll want one for yourself.

Something To Fight The Chill

Gift a friend with their beverage of choice. Some great options come around in the fall months, including warm apple cider, the fixings for a hot toddy, or delicious teas that can soothe the throat and the soul. Try an orange citrus-infused tea, or a cinnamon flavored option that really brings about the spirit of the season. What’s a tea bag without a tea pot? Spruce your gift up with the addition of a sweet tea pot for your friend and plan a tea party to catch up. Another addition? Sweet felt coasters that depict fall items. Put these all together in a little basket and add a couple of brown, red, and gold ribbons to really give it that fall vibe. Voila! A gift that’s both pretty and practical.

Baking goodies

Chilly weather makes baking the perfect indoor activity for people of all ages. Purchase a great scone mix, or send a special cinnamon-accented cookie recipe along with all the necessary fixings. Fill a mason jar with ingredients for an easy recipe your friend or family member can make with their kids to create a family-inclusive present. There are so many extra gift options that come along with a baking themed gift. Add in some fall-related cookie cutters, or add autumn-decorated muffin wrappers for a special touch. Foldgers Selections Caramel Drizzle (3)

Pampering Items

Cooler weather can be tough on our skin, so gift the necessities they need to feel invigorated throughout the season. Try making your own soap, or send them a fall-scented body scrub that they can use to keep their skin in its best condition despite the changing temperatures.

Fall Accents

If you’re really strapped for ideas, fall accent decorations fit both the season and the gift bill. A cute indoor rug with orange and brown leaves, a harvest wreath, or an autumn-themed bouquet can help your loved one quickly dress up their place with the colors of the season. The great thing about this gift idea is fall décor comes in a variety of price points, meaning you can find something that fits your budget.

Wrap Up

Help your friend spruce up their fall wardrobe with the addition of a soft scarf, a cozy sweater, or even a cute knit hat. They’ll be on trend and in season, and you can act as their personal stylist for a day.

Finding a gift for any occasion that falls during the autumn season is an easy task, especially with wonderful options like these at your fingertips. Make it a gift to remember and select some great fall-related items to make for a seasonal selection that your special someone will love!