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Create The Ultimate Man Space With Project Man Cave

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My husband is all about the newest technology. From cars, to computers, HDTVs, robots, home automation, he keeps himself up to date. What is great for me is I get to also enjoy all the tech he wants to bring in the house, and I have to admit, I love technology!

We have a separate family room that we watch TV and relax together as a family. It’s comfortable, has a nice big TV, sound system, and is a cozy place to gather as a family or just him and I and watch a movie and forget the day. While I am perfectly happy with what we have, he has his own dream to one day have a man cave with an ultimate movie viewing experience and equipment to go with it.


Best Buy created the Man Cave project as a place to get ideas and figure out what you could really want for your own Man Cave. It’s crazy how much entertainment technology is ever evolving and even more surprising that there seems to always be some new breakthrough, which is awesome!

Think about it. The Man Cave us more than just a place to relax, it’s a place to escape, unwind, watch sports or the news, play games, his sanctuary of complete control. Here are some ideas, would your man like these? These are just a few, and the Man Cave project can show you what the outcome could be. These are pretty cool ideas!

  1. Build a PC Gaming Stationgaming
  2. Set up a Sports Alert Light Show
  3. Sit Closer to the Action with 4K Ultra HD
  4. Customize a Kegerator with 3D printing tap
  5. Add a smart putting green
  6. Create a robot fight clubrobot wars

The Best Buy Man Cave project is great and has so many great ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind space for anyone, but especially for that special man in your life. Find so much great information about ideas to create the perfect Man Cave and cool tech ideas, articles, videos, and before and after footage to help you transform your own space.

Have You Attempted A Man Cave For Your Special Man?