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Brooklin’s First Trip To NYC

brooklin new york cityI remember my first trip to New York City. I became pregnant with Brooklin that year and one of my dreams has always been to travel more with my children. Last week Brooklin and I headed to New York City. Before we left for the trip she told me a list of things she wanted to do.

  1. Stay in a big hotel.
  2. See the lady with the crown.
  3. See the place with the lights and the buildings crashed.
  4. And go shopping!

brooklins candy storeWe did all of that and so much more. Starting out with staying at the beautiful W Hotel on Lexington Ave. I have been to NYC enough to know my way around a little so we headed for Dylan’s Candy Store! Followed by frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. I have always wanted to eat here so being here with her made the moment that much more special. frozen hot chocolate We ended the night in Times Square. Shopping at the 4 story Disney Store and at Toys R Us riding the Ferris Wheel. brooklin times squareWhen we were at Toys R Us she picked up a small Playdoh set. Best money I have ever spent traveling with kids was on that set of Playdoh, she played with it everywhere and has a nice little bag for storing everything. She didn’t lose any of the pieces! brooklin nycWe ordered room service, NY pizza, cheesecake and cokes and watched Inside Out in our room.

The next morning we woke up early since it was our last day in NYC we still had so much to see! So we started out right down the street form our hotel in Grand Central station where we took Brooklin’s first subway ride. brooklin grand centralWe headed downtown to Battery Park where we went to see the Statue of Liberty! statue of liberty brooklin nycAfter we jumped in a cab and headed towards the World Trade Center. Brooklin fell asleep in the cab ride there but was still in a great mood when we arrived at the reflecting pools. She studied the names and sat and listened to one mans story about his friend Jonny. He had taken him to so many concerts growing up their favorite was The Doors and he just wanted to tell someone how special he was. Brooklin took me back when she asked me “Why did this happen? Why would someone do this to us? Why don’t they like us?”. brooklin world trade center She wanted to go inside the museum and so we went. brooklin nycInside was dimply lit, there were pictures of the aftermath from 9/11. Beams and the staircase that the survivors fled down. brooklin 9/11 memorialShe was afraid so we made it through one exhibit and made our way towards the exit. I know that she got to learn so much from the experience and I hope that she can better understand how big the world really is.

We then walked one block through the constriction of the World Trade Center back towards the subway where we headed uptown. subway nycI had promised Brooklin two nights prior we would stop by the Lego store. It had closed upon our arrival so that’s where she wanted to go. broolin nyc trip

I knew that American Girl was on 5th Ave and just a few blocks from where we were. Brooklin didn’t mind navigating the busy New York streets holding my hand. We do a lot of traveling as a family and the walking was just part of the fun. We had lunch at American Girl but not before Brooklin ran around all 3 stories of the store exclaiming just how much she needed this and that. american girl Brooklin and her new Rescue dog from the 9/11 Museum had quite the lunch. We were so hungry we gladly ate every course as it was served. We ended our time there picking out a few things to take home for her sisters and a little something for herself as well. american girl nyc lunch Now late in the afternoon I knew our car would be coming to take us back to the airport. We walked back to the hotel and were greeted by Aunt Mary. My husband’s aunt and Brooklin’ great aunt she lives only blocks from where our hotel was so she came to say hello before we left.

On the plane Brooklin talked all about how much fun she had and how we can’t wait to go back! brooklin plane