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To My Daughters On The First Day Of School

first day of school
They say that time goes by so fast and that it’s only milestones in our life that make it stop. It’s those big moments that make you see how fast time actually goes by. The first day of school is always one of those moments that time stands still. You see another year older, smarter, braver kinder. Another year to mark achievements and make memories, another milestone moment to stop time.

As we start another school year my wish for my two daughters is simple, enjoy your time however fast it goes by. Challenge yourself to be bold enough to learn something new, brave enough to fail a few times and smart enough to keep moving forward. See while I want to scream to you to slow down and take your time the truth is there are so many things to do and time goes by so fast.

Today you start 5th and 1st grade, I hope each of you have fun. Make friends and create memories which become moments. Know that we will be here every step of the way.

Happy 1st Day of School!
1st day of school 5th grade 1st grade

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  1. Terri S. on August 13, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Your girls look very happy on their first day of school. My 2 granddaughters go back in Sept. The big sister begins 5th grade too & she is excited to meet new friends. Her little sister starts kindergarten. The summer is flying by so fast and the girls are growing up too fast too.