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Brooklin’s First Nationals

move nationals

This last dance season ended with nationals. Brooklin’s first national dance competition and a big moment for her. She ended the year with Party In the USA, her very first jazz solo. Not only did we head to Palm Springs with our family in tow but everyone had their families. It was a great time to connect and the girls all had a great time together at the resort pool. dance palm springs nationalThe girls performed their group jazz routine Moments. We started early in the morning with stretching. nationals 2015 stretchI truly believe that dance has helped strength the character of my children. It takes courage and confidence. It’s about making mistakes and learning form them. It’s about failing and learning to fail gracefully. It’s working hard at something and doing your best. It’s everything, every week, it’s the big moments like nationals too. I believe being a part of a team and making lifelong friendships has been one of the many rewards from dance. Brooklin was thrilled to be a part of Moments and it was such a great Moment for her. brooklin moments

The girls ended up with 1st and 10th overall. brooklin nationals

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  1. Janet W. on September 4, 2015 at 6:33 am

    Looks like the girls had a wonderful time! They look like great performers!