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10 Simple Date Night Ideas

del and kristinAs parents we often come last. Our children and their activities always seem to come first. My husband and I crave time alone and yet once the kids go to sleep we often find ourselves heading off to sleep with them. I know that more than ever it’s important for our marriage that we stay connected. Not just as parents but as individuals and even more importantly as a couple. This post is proudly partnered with K-Y.

I know how important it is to make time and spending that time together will help strengthen our marriage and make us happier. Dates don’t have to be overly complicated or over thought out so I wanted to share some of our simple date night ideas.

10 Simple Date Night Ideas 

  1. Farmers Market – Stroll through a local farmers market and pick out some foods for the week. You can use these as inspiration to create a meal together in the kitchen.
  2. Star Gaze – Grab a blanket and look to the stars. Bring some snacks and enjoy a night together under the stars. Check out this guide for things to look for.
  3. Movie Night! – You don’t even have to leave the house for this one. Rent a movie on-demand and cuddle up with a good flick. Use some  lubricant for the good old popcorn bucket trick. 😉
  4. Coffee Shop Hop – Check out one or two coffee shops around town. Share your drinks and try out new roasts and seasional favorites.
  5. Run A Race – Pick a fun local race and train for a race together. Not only will you get active together but you’ll find yourself really connecting.
  6. Discover Something New – Find a museum, go apple picking at a local farm. Find a local spot you’ve never been and explore.
  7. Volunteer Together – There are so many ways to make an impact right in your community, volunteering is a great way to start.
  8. Watch a Non-Drive In Movie – Rent a movie on your laptop and take it outside. Hang out in the yard or on a bench, you could even get the tent out and head inside for some extra fun!
  9. Explore – Go walking, head out on a trail. Find somewhere you’ve never been and have fun along the way!
  10. Bedroom – There’s no better place to have a date night or end your night than in your room. Spend a night massaging then have some fun with toys or lubricants. There’s no better time to stay connected and have a little fun!

So I challenge you to start dating your husband again. Find what works for you. Maybe you meet during the day while the kids are at school. Make that time and challenge yourself to ahve fun doing it.

I’d love to know what are some of your favorite simple date night ideas? 

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  1. Janet W. on September 11, 2015 at 6:29 am

    We love to discover new places we’ve never been to before like local museums, etc. These are all great ideas!