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Playing BattleKasters During San Diego Comic-Con

We had a great time partnering with  BattleKasters on this adventure!! battle kastersAfter being introduced to the game BattleKasters we headed down to San Diego’s 2015 Comic-Con to play the live interactive game! The game is based off the Legends of Orkney book series by Alane Adams. This mythological adventure is taking the magic of books and the wonder of technology and fusing it for an all new experience.  We had the chance to meet the author of Legends of Orkney, Alane Adams at the BattleKasters HQ at the Gaslamp Historic Museum. Our girls also met Brunin the Bear. battle kasters2

BattleKasters is a literacy-charged gaming experience that lets players journey out into the Gaslamp area setting the Gaslamp Historic Museum as headquarters. As you explore, you must collect cards to cast spells while competing with others to complete the goals as quick as possible to close the Stonefire portal.

What is great about BattleKasters is it is designed to be enjoyed and played by all ages, including kids. This is one of the most sophisticated family friendly off-site activities for San Diego Comic-Con for everyone and it is FREE to play!

battlekastersOnce we hit the Gaslamp area the game map lit up and the game started. We walked around the Gaslamp and had quite the adventure!
playing battle basters

Kai had such a great time collecting cards and casting spells. There were many people playing so you could take and leave cards for other people. Her dad and her went on quite the fun adventure and it really was a great game for the entire family to play. battle kasters kai

You can keep up with the latest news with BattleKasters on Facebook and @BattleKasters Twitter. Find out more about the The Red Sun author Alane Adams and check out her Twitter page for more of her book happenings.