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Need To Refresh? Skinnytox Detox Wellness Tea

This is a partnered post with Skinnytox.
Do you ever get busy with life and with everything else that you find yourself slipping and tired? I know I do. Eating more junk food and spending less time doing the things I enjoy gets old. While I may think I don’t have the energy, it comes down to consuming the right food and drink.
With school starting back up, finding a way to improve my overall mood and energy is important. I have found myself consuming more tea for several reasons. While my husband is the coffee drinker, I am preferring my teas.
Skinnytox Organic Detox Tea is a detox tea filled with 14 amazing fruits, herbs, and tea. This blend is great for pushing the body to work on a more natural level by using natural ingredients and the body to help with more energy. Skinnytox consists of a morning energy tea I can make to accompany my breakfast. At night is an herbal detox tea I drink before bedtime. The fruit and herbs work to naturally and gently cleanse by body of water weight, help to reduce bloating, detox the colon, as well as to naturally boost energy and metabolism.
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There really is something so calming about tea as well as energy providing. Whether after a long workout early in the morning, drinking a nice soothing cup of tea is calming. Skinnytox provides that refreshing beverage as well as helping me to help my body shed off that extra sluggishness that comes with being a busy mom.
Staying healthy is more than just getting exercise. It’s about taking care of your body, mind and watching what you consume. By eating a healthy diet and consuming Skinnytox tea I can keep the calories light while working towards my ultimate weightless goals.

How are you working on taking better care of yourself?